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website assistance

Where is a good place to go for a website. We have tried to build our own but things arent working well. Anyone know of a reasonable solution? Thanks.

Re: website assistance

You can always use Eteamz...
with just a litte $ you can make a website look professional or dont invest anything and keep it plain.
Plus with Eteamz, even one who isnt a computer guru can manage it.
I did the Lake County Steelers website and for less than $150, we were able to make it look half way decent.
Face it, unless you are into the computer world, $$ can be spent for more important things than the website.
Just my Opinion.....

Re: website assistance


As far as design goes, you might consider contacting the brothers Rozens over in Generalland. I know they have done a lot of websites for IFL teams- and they do very good work.They might have some cheap options to host your site as well, but I dunno.

good luck and make sure you let us know when you get it up and rolling.

Re: website assistance

True Eric is a web master, and his brother also.

Re: website assistance

Hey guys. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it. I tried homestead. Not too expensive but harder than I thought to use. I made one a while ago but this new system is insane.
We have thing rolling well. Just waiting to get into a league. We have players, logo, jerseys, sponsors. Which reminds me if anyone wants to contact us, we have a new email address.

Eric- can you help us out with a website, you are a populare choice. Thanks. Josh

Re: website assistance


I replied to your email, hopefully it will help. Homestead is a great solution and comes with a ton of easy to use tools for the not-so-experienced web publisher. I don't claim to be "The Great Webmaster" by any means but have found it to be very practical and affordable.

If you sign up for an account, please sign up through the link on the Generals page. They do give a small kickback for referrals and I've sent them quite a lot of business.

Good luck to you and the Dragons this year!
Eric Rozens