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Meeting, email, flag football info

Hey guys. Letting everyone know that is interested that the Dragons are having another meeting on SATURDAY, JANUARY 21ST AT 11:00 AM UNTIL 12:00PM at IRVINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARY on E. Washington near Emerson. This will be for prospective and existing players. It will provide an update as to what we have planned as an organization, and the progress weve made so far.

We now have a new email address, for anyone to write with questions or whatever.

We are wanting to host a flag football tournament at Indy Sports. We want to know how many of you are interested in playing. We are looking at a 7 on 7 format. We would like to have an all male league and also have a co-ed league. You can play in both if you'd like.

Good night.

Re: Meeting, email, flag football info

is the tournament for dragons only?

Re: Meeting, email, flag football info

No we would love to have any an all that would like to play.

more details will be coming very soon.

Re: Meeting, email, flag football info

no, not for dragons only. This tournament is for anyone that wants to participate. You can represent your team or create your own team for this. Same goes for co-ed.

Re: Meeting, email, flag football info

How much and when would you be looking to have this tournament? I would definately bring a team if it wasn't to costly and the dates where good for us.