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Reminder - IFL Signup Deadline 1/28!

To whom it may concern:

The IFL is currently accepting new team applications for the 2006 season. If your team is interested in signing up, please visit our website and fill out the online signup form. The deadline for applications is January 28, 2006.

The IFL League Board will meet on Sunday, January 29th in Indianapolis to discuss the applicants. Teams meeting geographical as well as other requirements will be invited to attend our February meeting. New teams will be announced following the February meeting.

Best regards,
Eric Rozens
IFL Expansion Teams

Re: Reminder - IFL Signup Deadline 1/28!

Just curious how many teams from Indiana signed up?


Re: Reminder - IFL Signup Deadline 1/28!

I heard from a good source that (without mentioning any teams) as many as 12-14 teams from Indiana and beyond have put in to the league.

That isn't to say that all will either present or actually want to move into the league. All it means is that a few teams showed interest for sure.

Good for the IFL.

Re: Reminder - IFL Signup Deadline 1/28!

Is the IFL gonna let the COL in?