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just maybe

this is just an idea. now the ifl has 8 teams soon there will be 10-12. maybe the ifl could devide into four divisions instead of 2,north, south, east, and west. if there is 12 have four teams in each div. each playing the other teams twice and two non divisional teams equaling 8 games. if there is 10 have two div. with 3 teams and two div. with 2 teams.
its just my idea, i feel if you wanna grow you should strech your comfort zone.

Re: just maybe

tater, hate to rain....good notion, but found some mathematical problems. 4 divisions with four teams in each would equal 16 teams. now assume there will be 12 teams in the league. you could do 4 divisions..east, west,north and south with each division consisting of 3 teams. If a team plays each team in thier division twice that would equal four games and add two more games on for non-divion play like you said... that would equal a 6 game regular season. Now assume that there is a 10 team league, I don't think it would fly having 4 divisions with two of them consisting of 3 teams while the other 2 divisions only consist of two teams. UNLESS, you consist each division of two teams and draw two teams as independent in league play. like my Irish ;) So assuming that, two teams in a division playing each other twice would 2 games, which would have to play 6 non divisional games to reach an 8 game regular season. Either way, realistically for this to work it would be best to have a 16 team studded league.
{2Xx6b(4to the third power - 8b)16+4z}=X Ok, this just wore me out...I really dont think I know what im talking about so ill admit im talking out my ass. Peace love....Lig-Town

Re: just maybe

Based on the current geographical distribution of teams in the IFL and the ones rumored to have applied, a 3 division organizational scheme makes the most sense if the league goes to 12 teams: North, South, and East. In the case that it remains with 8-10 teams, the most intuitive arrangement is to retain just the North and South Divisions- it's all about location and distance.

Traveling distance is always a major consideration for teams and often a significant factor in the outcome of games, and I have faith that the folks running that league will take those things into serious consideration.

but only time will tell.

Re: just maybe

hemi thats what i mean....oops i was tired when i posted that