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Knights To Visit Children's Hospital

Knights To Visit Children's Hospital

Ten representatives of the Ohio Knights Football Club (coaches and players) will
be making a visit to the Children's Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday,
March 7th at 6:30 pm. The Knights will get an opportunity to spend time with
children that are in recovery from surgery and with children that have been
diagnosed with chronic illnesses. The following Knights have confirmed that they
will be in attendance at this event: Chris Young (defensive tackle), Danny Mack
(wide receiver), Ashanti Taltoan (defensive tackle and offensive lineman), Joe
Freeman (quarterback), Scott Stanton (webmaster), Tony Martin (coach), and Sean
Huffman (coach). Any other Knights interested should contact Chris Young at or Tony Martin at . Stay
tuned for more information.

Re: Knights To Visit Children's Hospital

Just wanted to say hats off to the Knights. You have no idea what kind of joy you'll bring to these kids. My son has logged about 7 days and nights at childrens of dayton. He battled severe asthma as a toddler, his last stay(his longest) was about 3 yrs ago. It is gut wrenching to say the least. it was very hard me and mine, not only because of my son but because of all the other children. Plain and simple for some kids its life and death situations. Be prepared brothers. KNOW THIS , what your organization is doing will bring more joy to those families than you could ever imagine. I applaud your organization. God bless

Re: Knights To Visit Children's Hospital

Big, big ups to the Knights for this event. The Broncos are actually looking hard core into the same stuff we want to do with our Spring. We want to visit a childrens hospital for sure.

I guess the Tornados did it 4 years ago and didn't have a great turnout for it, but the guys who did show up had a wonderfully fullfilling time.

My son was in Riley for 2 weeks as an infant for pneumonia and it was horrible to go through. He fought through it and I can't wait to get around some of these angels.

Keep up the good work Semi Pro Ball!!

Re: Knights To Visit Children's Hospital

Ohio Knights that have recently confirmed to attend the March 7th Children's Medical Center visit - JD Crawford (offensive tackle - Univ. Of Cinci), Jay Quick (offensive guard - Univ. of Cinci), and Ose Gedeon (wide receiver and Ohio Knights co-founder).... Stay tuned for more updates and info or check us out at .... Also, thanks to all for the words of encouragement. No pats on the back are necessary - in all likelyhood, we will get as much if not more out of something like this (emotionally, spiritually, etc...).