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Weekly Training Article: Dynamic Effort

This week's training article features a concept called dynamic effort, in a nutshell this means training "fast" in the weight room. During the course of a football game it is fairly rare that any player applies maximal force, more commonly it is a sub-maximal force done at highest rate of speed possible . . .. dynamic effort mimics this high rate of explosiveness. The article here uses the squat as an example and gives a nice example routine to go by. I like doing dynamic effort workouts with cleans as well, otherwise known as a speed clean (i.e. lightweight as fast as possible for a certain number of reps). I would not do this style of training all the time, but I think this is a nice change up now and then.
Good article that is short and to the point followed by an author bio (Chris Scarborough).


Here is a link to the training forum:

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