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New IFL Teams announcement

We would like to welcome the folowing teams to the Interstate Football League for the 2006 season:

Classic City Crush
St. Joseph County Thunder


Eric Rozens
IFL Expansion Teams

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

So what about divisional structure? Stay with North and South? Obviously the new teams would fit into the former division, so how will that work?

I understand the big MFL meeting was today as well- so how bout announcements from them?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Who is the St Joseph County Thunder and where do they play?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

St. joe county i believe is out of michigan a couple of Longhorns started this team. It was a smart move for them and us. They wanted to be closer to home and we needed a closer team other than the mustangs. So good luck to BJ and the Thunder hope to see you on the field soon.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Once again the powers that be in the IFL(Keith Maloy, Dane Hill, etc.) ensure that any established, talented teams(teams that may challenge their own for the championship) are kept out of league play. This is disgusting and will lead to the downfall of a league which had the opportunity to be great. I can understand not allowing a team like the Central Ohio Lions in, but to not allow teams such as the Miami Valley Warriors in is just ludacris. This came as a shock to the semi-pro community and at the end of the day waters down your league and the worth of the championship. All this in the end accomplishes is laying the yellow brick road for the Broncos to easily repeat if they are able to maintain their player pool from the 2005 season. Great Job guys, you do semi-pro proud. My suggestion would be to start a flag league if you are afraid of serious competition. You did not hear these teams whining when they were the ones handing out the whoopings in the FFL, now did you??????????

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Wow ONCE AGIAN that was lame relating flag football to anything relavent to the IFL expansion. talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Sorry but I don't think you accomplished anything.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

He makes a good point though if there is no reason given by the IFL to not allow the Warriors in.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Mr. Tooscaredandyellertopostmynamewithanaccusation

This stuff gets very, very, old.

Your quote, "Once again..." I am not sure what that relates to?

Last year, my team, the Madison County Pirates were a team that WAS BEING CONSIDERED! We, (the Madison County Pirates) had no say so in the voting process last year.

During his presentation on Sunday, Coach Agee indicated that the Miami Valley Warriors made the decision to join the LSFL prior to the IFL decision last year. Therefore, it was the M.V.W. that were "the powers that be" that prevented even consideration.

As for this year, and having taken part in the vote. I can say that the voting on ALL teams was democratic. That is, each team organization had one vote in the process. In the case of the Warriors, the decision WAS NOT a unanimous "NO".

If this reference is to any other year involving a team that I was a part of, you speak from pure ignorance. After all of the defections from the CRFL in 2004, there were only two clubs left; the then Miami Valley Panthers and the newly formed Madison County Pirates. Ultimately, due to several circumstances, Madison County did not field a team in 2004. So, if it is this particular year you are talking about, your facts are jacked up!

The Madison County teams that I have been associated with HAVE NEVER ran from any competition. Always victorious? Absolutely not. We have taken our losses and even though we have faced some strong teams, I have never seen a team that I thought we could not have beaten on a different day. So as to the "Whoopin" thing you spoke of, neither the Pirates nor the Chiefs before them were ever whooped.

As for the "watered down championship"? Too many players make TOO MUCH about the REAL IMPORTANCE of a Championship. Outside of our peer group, nobody gives a darn about ANY Championship. Hypothetically speaking, tell any average Joe that you won an SAFL Championship? That will mean nothing to him. You could fill SAFL in with NAFL, LSFL, MSFL, MFL, IFL or BULL! It makes no real difference. For that matter, relatively speaking, the AFL (Arena) and NFL Europe would have way more importance than an IFL Championship. Ya know what though, I can't tell you who the Champion was last year from either of those leagues NOR DO I GIVE A CRAP to find out and know.

BOTTOM LINE, unless you play on Sundays, on TV, between September and January, NOBODY gives a hoot. And then you are STILL ONLY speaking of those who follow the NFL.

It is what it is.

Be happy with the fact that you are still bodily able to play football. Be happy that you can be a part of a group of guys that share your passion. Be happy that you can compete WITH those guys against like minded guys in other areas. Finally, if you are able to prove through competition that your squad in one particular year was successful more times than others in the same, have yourself a celebration... but DON'T TAKE THIS STUFF SO SERIOUS. Why?

CUZ, it ain't that deep!

As for the "...You did not hear these teams whining when they were the ones handing out the whoopings in the FFL, now did you??????????"

The only whining is coming from your own flesh-flaps. You want to WAH! Call the WAH-mbulance!


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Once Again,

With all due respect if you are going to name names in your posts then please name yourself. I am not on a team that is in the IFL. Last year I did play for the Pirates. I do not know how or why their decision was made but I will tell you this that from what I understand that each team has a vote as to decisions on such an issue. So if you have a problem with the IFL then I would recommend addressing the league as a whole. I do not know Keith Maloy too well. I do know Dane Hill in the fact that I played under him for two seasons. I can say this with all honesty that Dane Hill is an honest and a fair man. I know Dane and Keith both welcome good competition. So if you want to place blame somewhere place it on the system as a whole and not individual people.

To Keith and the Warriors, goodluck in the 2006 season.

To Dane and the Pirates, I already miss you guys. Play hard and I hope to catch a game of yours at some point in the upcoming season.

Dave Clawson
Indianapolis Dragons #1

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Oh SNAP! I'll be entering the front door now.

It comes down to this, Like Coach hill said...there are no confetti parties around the country when a team from indiana, michigan ohio or illinois wins they're respected league title. But (i'm guessing) that if your a member of that team that won that championship...hell yes you take pride in it because you helped to accomplish it. But TO wont be knocking on your door with keys to a new escalade asking you to allow him to join your team. While it would get your team noticed on espn, its not gonna happen. The fact is, The IFL is a good league, its competetive and you never know whos gonna come outta the gate. There are great people from each team who make up the league and they get together to make the right desicions. granted i've only played in one other league and by no means can I use that year that I played in it to compare to other leagues....but by joinging the IFL was a HUUUUUUUUGE step in so many areas. In my own personal opinion.....ALL the guys that make up the IFL board, are smart withen business and sport. I see a few guys on that panel with a lot OF FOOTBALL SMARTS and experience. I back descisios mad by them and they have their reason for thier desicions or they wouldnt have made them. In something like that, where someone gets on and does not state thier name, but decides to start controversy....make sure you have your facts, and try speasking to the right people about your problems. Its not hard to get into contact with someone from the IFL....and i'm sure that a few of them would looooove to explain somethan. Oh SNAP! now sitting down at the table.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

i would like to give thanks to dane hill (who is a respectable person and an honest person from what i have experienced just talkin to him) for his comments about the coward who couldnt state his own name yet state two individuals names. to me that is very cowardly. obviously you have no self pride in yourself to get on here and whine bout something that really means nothing. like dane said semi pro football is for guys to get together and to play a sport that they love. this is for guys to just get out there and have fun playing football again and to be competetive again. now i have not been in any other league other than the ifl so i cant say that this league is the best league in semi pro football b/c that would be wrong for me to say. although, i can say that moving from the high school level to semi pro is a differenc in that the competition is fierce, and this league shows just that fierce competition. like my good pal hemi said this league is very competetive and you dont kno who will come out of the gate. again to the scrub who was to much of a coward to type his own name and type others pointing fingers you have no self pride in yourself for that, and you give semi pro football a bad name. again i praise dane hill for his comments and showing that the ifl has done nothing wrong b/c this league has done nothing wrong, and to hemi for backing up this league and showing pride in this league. i hope you do grow some balls and decide to post your name on here and say everything you did b/c i kno that if you ever do come into this league you now have a target on your back dude.

neal garrison
#2 west ohio wranglers

p.s. hemi...cant wait to see you attempt a circus catch against us...b/c it wont happen again...;)

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Let me start by saying that from where I sit, the MV Warriors would have been a great addition to the IFL. The Warriors are in a tough spot because they are a solid team in a big market without a league. They have solid leadership and coaching and some great athletes. They are not, however, in position to play in the OVFL, but are a poor match competitively and geographically for the MFL(IN). Leaving aside the inappropriate object of our hero's frustration (not to mention the way in which he voiced those frustrations), the Warriors have a right to be disappointed. Of course I was not in the meeting in which the decision was made, but I am sure the decision was not arbitrary or without consideration.

What is at issue here- other than the obviously weak slinging of baseless accusations- is the fact that too many people see these things in simple terms. Step up out of your own foxhole and look around, kids. There's a big world out there in which people look and speak differently. They do things and differently and they think differently than you do. They may even make decisions based on different criteria than you do.

Your energy would be better spent searching out a new home for your team. I am sure Coach Agee and his able staff would rather having you lifting weights than slinging accusations. A team that good with that many solid people involved will not be homeless for long.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

So can someone please sum up why the MV Warriors were not allowed in the IFL?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

They did not get enough votes. I hope that clears it up

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

To put it very simply, the individuals who have come on here and stated that it is not about winning championships and no one cares who wins what league, have one thing in common.....LOSING. None of these players or teams are playing for championships! You hear no on here from the Broncos talking about the lack of importance for winning, do you? And to address Coach Hill, you say you never shy from competition? After winning numerous titles in the old FFL, how many games did you play against other league champs outside your league????????????????

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

DH, I know they didn't get enough votes but I was looking for a reason why they didn't get votes from some teams. Can just one team that didn't vote them in please tell me what their rationale was?

If it's because the Warriors are too competitive for the league, that's fine. I wouldn't want a team in my league either that would dominate most of their schedule. And that's what it sounds like right now.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I guess its my turn to talk.

Honestly who cares we voted teams into the league and some teams even dropped out of the race to be in the IFL. Get over it!!!! You have plenty of time to get into another league. And as for the competition. again, WHO CARES!!! If you are that upset about it maybe you should have voiced your opinion at the league meeting instead of on here. Its done and over with and talking down league heads will not help your chances next year. Just be happy you can still play football. One of my best friends in high school broke his back and can not play any more and all you people do is complain about this team and that team.
I like to get on here and know the facts and clown around a little bit. If i get on any bodies nerves well here is a quote for you. "WHO CARES!!!!" honestly when it comes down to it and i go home and play with my sons you all do not make a difference to me other than my friends from the LONGHORNS. So please you all will live to play another day. I am sorry that the M.V. Warriors did not get into our league since its such a disaster to them.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Okay I will respond. I think you are missing the point. The Championship means something to all of us, butnot outside of the realm of Semi-pro football. We look at this as a blessing to be able to do what we love to do. Play Football. Championships mean something different to everyone. I have proudly been on 5 championship teams, 4 with the Chiefs and one with the Broncos. Each one of these mean a lot to me, but I do not have the hardware showing it. I love to play, but I keep them with in my heart and do not wear many rings so I did not get them. I do this for the love of the game, companionship, and being able to play the game I love. A championship is a bonus to the season.

The Chiefs did not play after the season, because we could not field a competative team after our season. Most of us were tired and nursing injuries and had jobs to do. Some of us would have liked to done this, but the year we tried I think that we got maybe 12 or 13 players interested. I know that we would have not been competative in a tourney or more games.

MV Warriors situation-I wa at the meeting and I think that if the owners of the MV Warriors and the league should work this out. I do not think that it is appropiate for the team representatives to be giving their reasons individually. Needless to say the MV Warriors were competative in our game last year (3OTs), but i doubt that they would dominate their whole schedule. I wish them luck and hope that we will be going there for a game this year.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Well, well, well

Yet another possum emerges from the darkness. I am beginning to take pride in the fact that you fools just insist upon trying to cross my road.

"Simply put" or Possum #2 using e-mail address, you guys are obviously twin brothers from different mothers.

Who brought the Broncos into this discussion. Not one of my comments had anything to do with them.

To address the issue of playing any other "champions" outside my league? Pfffffffffft!

That may prove something to you but it means nothing to me. When the formaldehyde funkmen lay me down or lay your sorry azz down for the last time, I am certain that "what kind of championship did you win" will NOT be one of the questions asked.

This is very similar to the original battle of bull fought between the CRFL and the MFL. As things ended, the CRFL was won by the South Bend Stampede. The MFL was won by the Allen County Xplosion. A war of words had taken place from the very beginning of the season that year til the very end between those two clubs. This culminated in them playing a game at the end of our two seasons. The Stampede won. What did that prove? Nothing. Today, neither team is in existence. 5 years from now, it will be difficult to find anyone that even recalls their existence. The ONLY place it will exist is in the minds of the men that played the game.

One thing is for certain. It is not logistically possible to play every tough team in the land. It is also true therefore that if you play enough games, you will eventually lose.

I lay out my season schedule to include the first game and the championship game. That means if we make it that far, fine. If not fine. I am not interested in continuing a given season ad infinitum. There are other things that are important to me in life. If that opens me up to criticism, have at it. I may be a fool to you but I can not say on Supa's board what you are to me.

I have learned to never say never and so therefore, I will not say that I will no longer respond to anything on this thread. What I will say is for "Once again" and "Simply put" and anyone as simpleminded as they.

Keep on letting your "soup coolers" reveal the low level of your intellect and I will be forced to unleash my "photonic cannon". Perhaps when enough possum carcasses stack up, you'll just stay in the tall grass where you belong.


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

It might have something to do with all the leagues they jump in and out of? ? ?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I don't think that anyone from the IFL or from any of the teams owes anyone an explanation. They didn't get enough votes and it is THAT SIMPLE. I wasn't part of the meeting. But if that is the way the vote went, oh well. There is no need to come on here and bitch about it and start blaming people when you don't even know how they voted. They didn't get in. Maybe they were thought to be too strong for the teams in the league. Maybe they were poorly located geographically. Maybe they didn't make as good a presentation or push than other teams did. Doesn't matter. Go cry somewhere else. Dan, you playing for the Warriors this year? No one owes you an explanation either.

Stoney 98

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

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Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Hemi is one crazy sob , endless ramblings,and I'm still laughin about doughnut's , funny ,very funny ,I told my wife that joke she slapped me and said it was the dumbest thing she ever heard lol lol, but so far nothin but smile's on this end, keep up the good work Hemi.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Stoney, all I did was ask a question. It was quite sincere and professional. I don't know why you would say "There is no need to come on here and bitch about it and start blaming people." I didn't blame anyone. You have some serious self-confidence issues.

I am just looking for a reason why the Warriors didn't get in. I still haven't heard one. Surely, there must be a reason why they didn't get voted in.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Stoney, I apologize for my last post. I just realized that your deragatory comment was not aimed at me. I got confused!

To answer your question, no I'm not playing for the Warriors. And I know that no one "owes" me an explanation but if there is nothing to hide, then why wouldn't the teams that voted "no", not tell anyone what their reasons are?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Mr. Crown stated "It might have something to do with all the leagues they jump in and out of".
How many leagues have they been in the last few years? I honestly have no idea.
Maybe this was a turnoff for the IFL voters. I know if I were running a league I would like to build with teams who would be around for a while.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I heard that the two teams that got in gave outstanding presentations and really had their stuff together. I also heard that the IFL was only looking to add 2 teams this year. Slow growth is probably not a bad idea considering the problems that plagued some of the leagues that are no longer in existence. You have to admit, so far the IFL has a great track record. No forfeits or missed games in 2004 and I think they had only had one forfeit last year and it was due to something outside of the league or team's control. Hell, by the end of the season last year, the MFL barely had enough teams to have playoffs! Seems to me that some of these posts are coming from individuals trying to take something away from a very well run organization.


Re: New IFL Teams announcement


Your source about the MFL are not good. The MFL started and ended with the same teams. No team dropped out during the regular season or playoffs. The Bulldogs were dropped before the season started. Just want to make you have accurate information.

As for the Warriors debate, everybody thinks they can do it better.

Let them lead. They are doing a damn good job, so why question them now.

Good luck IFL,

Scorpions #69

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I had intended on responding to this the other day, but I figured it wouldn't help.

The tragically ironic thing in all of this is that Dane Hill and the reps of the Madison County Pirates where directly called out as basically being cowards who are where "afraid to let competition in and play".

But as I was told, they where the only team who voted the Warriors into the league at the meeting, if I am wrong please correct me.

Dane and Beef are called a lot of things, scared wouldn't be one of them. They are good people, people who would rather sacrifice their time and help grown men play football then at times spend it with family or other interest of life.

Good luck Warriors, I know the Broncos are trying to set up a game with you again for the preseason.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Gladiator & Bill, thanks for your input on this issue. You both made good points and I think I have a better understanding now as to why the Warriors didn't get in.

I wasn't pursuing the answer to this issue to disrupt the IFL. I thought it was a fair question that could easily be answered.

I would never intentionally try to cause a problem in any league. I think SupaFan and most people on this board know that. I have a lot of respect for the IFL and they have done a great job so far.
But I also don't appreciate you Bill, trying to spread rumors about the MFL not having enough teams for the playoffs. That has never even been close to being the case. The MFL has 10 teams this year and is as strong as ever. Just accept that for what it is. Neither league is better than the other. Keep in mind that both the MFL and IFL are junior leagues compared to the MCFL and MLFA.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

If i'm not mistaken, I beleive I've seen some of these junior teams from the junior league give the high level a rub on the head. You may be right in a way, But I can promise you in time, like i've been saying from the start...The IFL will be one of the premier leagues around. I have a lot I could go on about with the MFL, But I dont and I havnt in a looooong time. I could...but then I would be just like every other head with ass in it ;) that gets on here and rambles. Pooooour some sugar on meeee,oooooo in the name of love.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


you've gone too far, man. Any references to Def Leperd or any other ridiculous hair band are hereby banned from this place. This is an era of music and genre of music whose existence I prefer to deny, and I do not come here to be shaken out of my comfortable state of denial.

stick to quoting robert johnson and elmore james and we'll be good here.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Coach Hill, you simply ramble on aimlessly and twist and turn other's statements which are right before everyone in black and white. You stated that the Chiefs run from no competition. I was simply making a point that you never play anyone outside your league, which ties back into my point that if you do not allow high calibur teams in the league, you play no one. You guys created a great dynasty playing no one, except the old Morgan Co. Broncos. The last 2 years of the CRFL you either lost or had trouble with the Panthers, were swept by the Stampede and the Lions.
To you Mr. Hemi(like a midget being referred to as a giant) The IFL will never be anymore than a sister league to the MCFL, MLFA and NAFL. Would you please name one team from the IFL that beat one of these legit AAA teams-------still waiting. So take your head rubbing reference and eat crow. The IFL will never be considered a top notch league due to thier unwillingness to allow teams to enter, because no matter what members say, they are too talented.
As for the Warriors jumping from league to league, this was created by many of the member teams of the IFL. The Warriors(Panthers) stuck with the CRFL til' the end and were left with nowhere to go except the OVFL in 2004. This league has numerous problems and the Warriors attempted to join the IFL for the past 2 years, but were told NO. Thus the LSFL in 2005. This league has fallen apart at the seems due to upper management and following a misleading vote for 2006, the Warriors are once again without the IFL. Oh Well, bet that door won't be knocked on again....All the Warriors want is a stable league to call home.
As far as Keith Maloy not being referred to as scared. He single handedly undermined the CRFL as the league commissioner and went to the IFL which was basicly the CRFL minus the Stampede, Lions and Warriors(Panthers). The Warriors were unrightfully grouped with these 2 powerhouse teams, which the Warriors never even beat in 7 meetings. This demise was simply to create an opportunity for a championship with his team which they obtained by beating the last place team from the CRFL in the 2003 season in the championship. CONGRATULATIONS BEEF!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

You know what? Your right.

I ramble on aimlessly and twist and turn statements that are right before everyones eyes in black and white (is that close enough).

Guess that means everyone else already knows your a bonehead!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Man, as a my brother used to say "You need to go find a horse to stand behind" Ya know what? Nobody in this league cares about wht YOU think of its level of talent. We all understand where we play that is why we play here. 3A 2A or whatever don't mean jack schitt! If you don't play in front of 60 0r 70,000 fans on Sunday then you are just playing for fun. You aint gettin paid, Tom Jackson Chris Berman, Steve Young and Michael Ervin dont give a Phuuuuc about you so STFU. You aint playin on FOX,CBS,NBC, or ESPN so you aint Schitt. Truth be known you are probably an "All Star" on the ALL TWEEZERS TEAM" and you probably don't/cant play so until next time FOOO Save it

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Now that's funny I don't care who ya are...

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

all i can say is that this makes for great reading. we play the game we love. irregardless of your personal vendettas, both leagues in the AA level are competetive. They appear to be quite balanced and equal. True, they are run quite differently, but so be it. The purpose for league meetings is for the League to decide who to let in. As for all the rest of the nonsense, there is no need to call out names. The only person that should be called out for anything is the head(president) of the league. Ultimately, its their head on the chopping block.
Personally, I'd love to see the winner of the MFL and IFL play each other. Not because of personnel vendetta but rather as fun and spirit of the game. Since these are two evenly matched leagues, why not. It allows the players one more game to get their money's worth.
I hope you all retain your professionalism in debating this issue. Good day.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

to (unknown Identity) You write very well. I will give you that, however it's a shame that your thinking capabilities are not connected to your
TS(think smart) oblingada. I believe I have a good idea who you are, but I will leave it to you in time to declare your 2 short chromosome self. You may be right as far as the IFL's AA sister league from a brothers babys momma team competeing against a AAA team. I do not beleive on record there is existence of this...however, If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, on the first drop down score box you will see a posting of the Broncos beating the Warriors...That would be the Miami Valley Warriors. So to clarify something...(as a player in the IFL)I dont think this is over a "we're scared of you" slander. In fact, I beleive the "competitiveness level" May not have even been a problem. Like I said, this is just coming from a player from the IFL I can tell you that by coming on here and trying to get answers from people who may not have been at the meeting is kinda the wrong thing to do. You dont see the IFL board members getting on here and replying to your bitching due to ummm, maybe professionalism. There is a thing called a Telephone, E-mail, and a coach/owner. Common sense advise would be to tell you to have your coach/owner either pick up one of these technological ideas and use them by contacting the IFL and simply "Asking". NOWWWWWWWWW for the midget joke, that's good stuff and it gave me a rumble in my tummy. BELIEVE ME, I have been called worst than a midget in my life....and If I were to get upset over it, then I would be having flashbacks to my elementary days when I had a flaming mullet as a kid and stabbed people with ink pens or ate glue. So to you, I oppologize....I have been defeated and I am scared unamously of your insults. I mis judged how big of a man you are, it takes a giant to sling insults at people, Hill...Beef...IFL and the midget Hemi when you hide your identity. We shall bow to your prescense from now on, And as a gift to you I offer two things... the first is my pet goat, he'll love you long time on your lonely nights we all know you have. The second gift is in form of qouted lyrics in which you should make your everyday anthem. here goes.... (sorry Supa)

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Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I would have to seriously disagree with a couple of your points Dane hater.

I wouldn't lump any league in with the NAFL. It is hands down the best league in this country (save a couple of super star teams). Top to bottom on average no league is better.

I have seen Kane Co. with my own two eyes.
I have seen the MV Warriors with my own two eyes.
I have watched game film on the Central Penn Piranah.

You can't disrespect the IFL in one sentence for being soft, then complain you didn't get in? Ironic?

When the Broncos played the Warriors last year I really enjoyed your team. I felt at that point in playing you (even though it was very early on). Your team was a great match up and I really enjoyed it.

I would say I was a bit surprised that the MV Warriors didn't make it in, but get over yourself with this scared, soft crap. It makes you look stupid my friend.

The IFL is a AA team for sure. We don't pool Division 1 players. We don't have a huge influx of them anyways. Most of the guys who play in the IFL are either straight out of HS kids or D 1 or much lower.

Do the Warriors feel that they won't win a championship in their respective league this year or something? Because if anyone sounds scared it is you.

All I can speak of is my team but will add that last year we had all only one guy who even played at a D1 level school. I personally feel that the Broncos of last year just played better and caught some big time breaks in games to get where they did. I even told the Pirate players at the All Star game that a bounce here or there and they could have easily been holding up the trophy last year (no disrespect to anyone in our league, but the Pirates where damn good).

One thing I would also like to add is don't lump the IFL in with the MFL. These two leagues have nothing in common. These two leagues don't play at the same level either. Both have teams who are equal to each other, but at two way different levels. I am not trying to take anything away from the MFL I am sure they have some super teams, I don't care for your leadership and never will. I do however respect the Scorpions and the Bears a great deal. Not because I have even seen the Scorpions play, but the way they work hard together I respect. The Bears we have played the last couple of years and I really love what Dave Shabazz is doing with a good group of kids.

If I where in the MFL I would be veeeerrrryyy worried about the Bears.

My two cents.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I love the fact that eveyone congradulates teams joining the MFL, MCFL, BBC, NHL, NCAA. But when it comes to the IFL - just a bunch of haters sitting on the outside looking in.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

That's a good point Generals52, especially when you consider that most people on this board are affiliated with the IFL. Why haven't more coaches from the IFL publicly welcomed the new IFL teams?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

The reasons the longhorns staff has not is because they don't get on here so there is your reason for one team Dan Z. And i am sure when the teams got into the league they had thier congratulations at the meeting. The guys in the league that weren't there are the ones giving praise to them.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Brotherhood (Matt Steele), I have played with/against teams from the MCFL, NAFL, OVFL, MLFA, MFL and IFL. I can tell you for sure there is not much difference in competition level between the MFL and IFL. Your Broncos and the MC Pirates would definitely be the best 2 teams in either league, but after that it is pretty much even. Keep in mind that about 1/3 of the 2005 Pirates defense were Chargers in 2004. So when you compliment how good the Pirates were in '05 you are also complimenting the MFL.

If I really believed there was a difference in competition levels between the MFL and IFL I would join a team in the IFL instead of playing for the Chargers this year.

Good luck to you this year. I'll be surprised if you don't repeat as champions.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Dan, What about the Mercer County and Darke county. Try this on for size. Adams County Patriots Vs. Mercer County Cougars, who wins? here's a good one...Randolph county cougars Vs. Darke County Warriors? Now i'm not disrespecting any of those mfl teams...But mercer and darke county are two very good so that would make the pirates and broncos the cream of the crop. The Longhorns played everyone tough so they're in the mix, at the beginning of the season. the Mustangs Played in the championship against the broncos after beating the cougars. the wrangler would have been a good match up for the mfl, but they got better and i think they are gonna be a surprise team for this year and lets face it.... I think it comes down to one of those things that on doesnt work out, but it would have to be done to be proven. I congradulate the mfl on having as many teams as they do and mad props to the scorps cause they played anybody and everybody and showed up to every game...thats kahunas. And the scorps did play the Generals lets not forget that.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

That is a fair comparison and Im setting up to be attacked I know, but a team can win on the scoreboard and still have been beaten physically. The better team does not always win, a few calls, a few bounces, who knows what can happen. Thats why we play the game. Obviously, the scoreboard is the key, but not always the answer.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

The Generals vs. The Scorpions last year is a good example of how even the rest of the teams are. I think the Generals won that game by 8 which is a pretty evenly matched game. Outside of that game though, we don't really have much proof either way of which teams from the IFL are better than the MFL. So, if the Generals beat the Scorps by a narrow margin, and they beat both the Warriors and the MC Cougars during the season, it stands to reason that the Scorps, Generals, Warriors, and MC Cougars are all on the same approximate level of competition. Am I wrong?

If the IFL was on "another level" (as Matt Steele puts it), the Generals would've beat the Scorps by at least a couple of TDs.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

You discounted a lot of very good teams in the IFL. I respect your point. I just don't agree with it.

I saw the Bears up close last year a new team in the MFL for this year, if they play as they did at the end of the year they could/ may have been the IFL champ as well. Of course a lot of things change year to year.

As far as your point of the Pirates had some of the Chargers from years past that really means nothing. They where Pirates last year. If my aunt had gonads she would be my uncle.

I did hear that D Lowe was from the Chargers and he is a beast.

I also know that we tried to play the WC team in the MFL last year for preseason and they where not ready. With them being the eventual champions I really would have liked to have played them for sure to see their squad.

I mean no disrespect to you or your league, I just don't feel top to bottom that the MFL is as good as the IFL. It is my opinion.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


The Broncado's are a very talented team with the combination of two teams being blending. All of us other teams do not have that kind of advantage like you had Mr Steel. We have to build are teams the old fashion way.

D Lowe is an animal for sure.

General vs Scorps game could have gone either way. Both teams were very physical. Good D on both sides. The Generals and Scorp have improved from that time. DC Warrior vs Scorps. The Scorps were more phyisical in my opionion, but Beef defenitely out coached us with special teams. 23 to 14 with out the scpecial team scores. The special teams score took the sails away form the Scorps.

The Wildcats playoff Championship team was the biggest and most phyisical team we played all season. Bigger that Mustangs and Flyers, but not as fast. The Wildcats played the Vipers in the post season and lost, but I understand they held their own with the Vipers.

Bears are a great team. We are looking forward to the 20060 season.

Scorps will be playing the KC Mustangs in the preseason and hopefully the Wranglers. You can gauge the leagues then.

To be contiuned,

Scorpions #69

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Since you have chosen to beat the dead horse (again) let me go ahead and say (again) that our team wasn't that much better before or after the players came over to our team. We where also undefeated in our preseason without any ex Tornados players (with the exceptions of the ones who came over before hand.

We lost 3 games last year by a total of 11 points I believe. The one thing we did terribly bad in our three loses was turn the ball over. No matter how good your team may be when you average 5 picks over three games, you won't win much.

The one thing the addition of players did do for sure is increase the head count at practices. They also brought a very good work ethic over to the Broncos. I need not really try to explain any of this to you, you have your own opinion and you are entitled to this.

As I have said before and will say many times again, your only as good as you practice.

To add to your point of most physical teams you faced last year, without a doubt the team who was most phsical against us where the Lafayette Lions. They where a terrific team and very physical.

Good luck with your season and stay healthy. My opinion is set already on the strength levels though. Maybe you/ your league can change that this year?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Let it rest guys, just play football. Any one team can beat any other team on any given day thats why you play the game. everyone' giving excuses about why teams get beat. They had better special teams, they were made up of 2 teams, they got D-1 players, they should be in a stronger league. Excuses. Everyone has one, even my brothers on the DCWarriors. That's life in semi-pro football. Remember WE(that means all of us) play for the pure love of the game. Yeah everybody wants to win, everybody wants a ring. So quit makin excuses, get ready to play and be happy you can still play football. It is what it is, so make it do what its gonna do.
I'll c-ya on the field. God bless and stay safe

Football is like nuclear war. There are no winners just survivors

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I am not sure what is goin on in this post? can someone explain what we are fighting about. Is it about what league is better? or why some teams did not get into a league? or why I slept with wifes of 4 players from 3 different teams? or why Arnold (gov of cali) should run for president and jesse (the Body) should be vice pres? Or why green M&M's make me horny? Plz someone fill me in on whats going on! Oh yeah and all you Punks that are not Sour cream lovers, YOU ALL SUCK AT FOOTBALL!!!!!!! PEACE, I am out of here....wait I take back the PEACE. I am just out of here (with out PEACE).

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

hey are the scorps still playin us (the warriors)???
does anyone want to put a wager, on how many touchdowns on sp. teams we will have, if we do play the scorps.
ps please remind me to tape my ankles when we play,
I dont want a repeat from last year.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Hello to all,
I just want to say to those of you who may think that one league may dominate another, we had very good parity in our little 8 on 8 indoor experiment. I just wanted to remind every one that most games were very close and all were played on the same terms. Secondly, I am very happy to be a part of the IFL and I think that we are going to be very competative in this or any semipro league. I know we will take some lumps as a new team, however, I think, and apparently the IFL agrees, we have our act together. So, with that said good luck to all and to all a good year.
Adam Crozier

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I am looking forward to seeing you on the battle field again crush99, to bad I will be wearing my invisable cloak and you will not be able to see me. oops I let the cat out of the bag, the KC Mustangs play with 12 guys on the field but you wont be able to see the 12th. MUHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

hey Mustang35 you need to settle down and stop making blatant threats against crush99 because he is fragile and probalbly fells helpless and alone after that comment. plus Crush99 could probaly block an Army tank if it blitzed. and I know where you live HAHAHAHA

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Look at you guys starting to argue with one another aimlessly. "The IFL is better than the MFL." This post was started to point out the shortcomings of the IFL expansion process and its tainted leadership. It is so easy to start an arguement on this board. All you have to do is say something negative and then watch the teams go at one another like a bunch of fighting cocks.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I think when the Crush and Mustangs meet this season it is going to be a great battle, So you say crush99 can block a tank huh...well I have been playing alot of chess lately and I have some new moves. Just remeber the old saying "those who crow like a pig in january, never get a cookie from santa."

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

...sounds like someone's mad that they can't sit with the popular kids at lunch, lol.

I was fortunate enough to choose a team to play for from the IFL, but that decision was based solely on location of the team's practices and homegames. I also never realized how big semi-pro football was and all the different teams and leagues, I just wish I could of got on board 10 years ago instead of three.

The only represention or imagine I have gotten of the MFL was when we (Generals) played Grant County Scorpions last year for a preseason game. The Scorpion's were a class act and was probably one of the more enjoyable games last year that I played. Matter of fact, I quoted and hoped to see Grant County to join the IFL this year and was disappointed they did not. All I can do now is cross my fingers and hope we get another awesome preseason game with the Scorpions and maybe they will join the IFL next year!

Just an idea, the IFL has All-Star game at the end of the season. Maybe, the MFL could gather a All-Star team together and have a IFL vs MFL Pro-Bowl! It would be like WWIII and I imagine alot of peeps would have to go and see that one!

Good Luck this season Scorpions!


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

i think something should be deleted cuz he said cocks

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Donot hate the Chiefs For winning four Championships not to mention 3 in a row I take it that the people who are bitching has never won the big one! Being a hater will get you no where! CHIEFS are the best semipro team in indiana ever! Until the team that can win a league title 4 times! NOT HAPPENING HATERS. Chan Roberts #73 old chief

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


You going to play with The Scorps this season. Let me know.

Go Scorps,

Scorpions #69

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


Damn it was hot that day, but it was a great game. Both sides gave it 110 %. I am glad you enjoyed it.

I have promised Andy Crisp a preseason game with KC Mustangs, and the Wranglers for the second game. The Scorps enjoy playing different teams and players, so we plan to play different organizations during the preseason each year. Maybe in the post season.

Good Luck to you guys.

Go Generals,

Scorpions #69

PS Have you heard the MFL teams suck!!!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Big bad Chiefs who won the FFL 3 times......OOOOOOOOOOOOO. As was pointed out earlier, you guys never played any quality teams outside your league. This was not by chance, but by design. Like an aging championhip boxer who is protected by his manager, you guys were protected by Dane from the "real" semi-pro teams in the state and country. Smart on his part, but confusing for you guys. To no fault of your own, you think you were better than you were. But this is by pure ignorance, and not knowing what is out there. What was the Chiefs record against the Kokomo Mustangs? Oh, that's right you have never played them. Don't get it twisted, despite mediocre records(due to the quality of teams in the MCFL) the Mustangs are the premier team in Indiana(longest running success). Also what is your guys record against the Lafayette Lions???????Oh, you didnt play them either---seeing the pattern here. What happened to the Cheifs when the Lions and Stampede came into the league, oh you got that a$$ tapped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Oh not again. Liver Lips has been stirred to type again.

Everyone here can see who the real punk is. You would be the one that hides in anonyminity. Obviously, not really all that proud of yourself.

Give it a rest punk.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

But no reply to the above stated facts. Come on Mr. Hill you are disappointing me!!!!!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Hey coach hill, how did you make that face with the hand? I want to know how to do that. And Also I too hate it when little girls cant put there name or team name and number beside there posts. It shows all of us in the "MAN CLUB" why they are not in it and we are. And please remember "an apple a day, keeps the apple pickers out of unemployment."

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Most folks would say that for me to participate in this effort is futile. Futile because, the behavior you exhibit qualifies you as an ignoramus.

Before I continue, I will make an assumption that you [this latest anonymous poster] are the same person that has posted anonymously in previous posts. If that is not the case, “...that’s too bad for yourself”. That is on you.

Next, I have already answered your question and others have commented upon it. You responded by saying that I only “ramble on”. From this response, I must conclude that you...

a) lack the mental faculties necessary to comprehend my response.
b) my post was sufficiently long enough as to overtax your severely limited intellect.
c) your Ritalin prescription has expired.
d) some of my comments caused your anal sphincter to pucker reacting negatively with the functioning of your medulla oblongata.
e) You suffer from Dementia and I need not confuse you with the facts, your mind is already made up.

If you really want to know my position, show me you have the "chutzpah" to honorably post with your name and I will reply. Otherwise, I shall continue in this futile but entertaining, exercise of mental gymnastics.

To Mustang #35, Type "TalkToTheHand" (with the Caps as shown) - inside "[ ]" (brackets)


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

As entertaining as this crap is, can this thread please die?

It's March people, usually we don't see this kind of nonsense and kindergarten behavior-like posts until July, August and September. You know when there are games being played and predictions are made and peoples egos get bruised.

This is a non-issue. If someone really has a problem with what happened 6,7,8,9 or 10 years ago, then try asking some of the guys who PLAYED on those teams 1. why they didn't play in any "post-season tourney" or 2. if they even wanted to.

Remember in the old FFL, despite any and all faults it may have had, by the time the playoffs were over in those championship years the Chiefs had played 12 or 13 games. To most that is enough.

Some might have wanted to play on in a tournament some might not have. The advisable thing to do would be ask guys like Foga, Darryl Hill, Dane Hill and others that were on those teams what the thought process was and how ultimately the decision was reached to just play the FFL season.

Finally I can't believe that it's been almost three years since the Chiefs rode off into the sunset and their still pissing people off!! Oh well...



Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Just pointing out to Chan that the Chiefs were not nearly as good as they would like to think they were! But thanks for ypur concern.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Just your opinion cat daddy that is all. You are entitled to it.

Although Q didn't ask for outsiders who played those Chiefs teams I will interject anyways.

Those teams where very, very good. Would they have beaten the Central Penn Pirahna? No. But a lot of teams can't do that.

Did they beat the majority of the teams they faced? Yes.

My opinion, no more valuable (or right) then yours.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I have a strong sense that says Supa is fixin to close this thread, so get your hate out quick.

Not that I am Supa and/ or anyone associated with Supa Enterprises Inc.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Matt that's fair enough, you were around as an opponent for the bulk if not all of it. I have no clue what the teams thinking was then as far as whether or not they wanted to play in a post-season tournament. I just knew the Chiefs schedule was made up to and including the FFL title game and no further.

Would that undefeated 99 team have beaten any of the COL teams? Who knows. But I think I'd have like to have seen it. But circumstances didn't make that a viable option, again, for whatever reaason.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

This is sooooooo exciting, I don't think I could ever get tired of this. I loved that one post. Ohhhhh that was a great comeback. Yeah I think that dude is right, the MFL teams do suck. Wow three cham-pee-onships. Man it's gettin tough to keep up... my eyes...heavy... can'

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Those of you who thought that this was a Miami Valley Warrior player or coach or owner or whomever are absolutely wrong.
The simple fact is that we were not voted in for whatever reason and we will play in another league but to say that we may jump leagues is just silly.
Yes we were asked last season to come into the league but as I told the IFL board, we had already made a commitment to the LSFL and commitment is very strong in my book. As for the season before, Dane is right, the CRFL folded and we were told we were to strong for the league and the IFL didn't want a team coming in and just dominating the league and we were left with very little choice and went into the OVFL, then after making a commitment with the OVFL we were called by a representative in the LSFL and were asked to join the LSFL immediately, but as I said we had already made a commitment to the OVFL so I was not backing out of the commitment.
I am very surprised of some of the comments that have been stated here as in this won't help you next year to try and get into the IFL.
That was automatically making us out to be the ones that posted all these remarks.
As for the Miami Valley Warriors, we will do fine and we will play in another league.
I appreciate the answer of why we were not voted in by Mr. Rozens (sorry if I misspelled your name) of the league felt as if they didn't want to grow or expand to quickly.
Good Luck
Coach Agee

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Now, THAT's what I am talking about. Greg Agee has always been about respect and class and taking the high road. Some of you have an awful lot to learn from the likes of that man.

Good luck to you and your Warriors this season coach, and let us know where you end up.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Coach Agee

Nice to hear from you again. I appreciate the comments. I personally did not think the negatives came from your group.

As I have mentioned to you before, the MC group has been notoriously slow for getting guys into pads in the May/June timeframe. Because of that reason, I have always been hesitant about trying schedule Pre-season competition. The last year of the Chiefs, we did pull together a little bit to have a controlled scrimmage versus the Kokomo Mustangs. We were about at 50-60 percent strength even then. We seem to be rolling a little better at this point for 06. If things continue, we would be open to come up and do a controlled deal or game if you have the room.

Best of luck to your squad in 06

Coach Hill

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Mustang #35

it has to be between THESE brackets " [ ] "

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

LOL sweet thanks.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Now see, after all that nonsense something good came out of this post. Mustang#35 learned how to get the little guy with the hand on a post. Congrats #35. Supa-your website really is here to help people! This is a great day!

I still don't understand why you "boneheads" will not identify yourselves.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I still don't understand why Chan has not responded.....Truth hurts don't it???????

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Whoever you are that can not post your name, I think it is time for you to shut up. All you have done is come on here and try to instigate nothing. You have a bone to pick for whatever reason and its getting old. The more you put this crap on here, the worse it makes YOU look. This is a dead issue.
On a side note, I dont think any team was afraid to play another, its more of a lets prevent injury, our season is over. Just a thought.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Maybe it is time we out this person?

I will put our team watchdog on the case and try to get his info lifted and maybe we can at least get his geographical info?

I/ or the attack dog will post it up asap.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I have already "pinged" his ISP. I have sent it to a buddy of mine in NY that works for microsoft. He is going to locate the exact computer server he posts from, he will then build a firewall exvert system that will consentrate the "GHTML" modem and make it crash every time he gets on the net. He then will lose all info on his computer including all his child porn. It should be finished by tuesday.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I hope you aren't married, and if you are you wife better never leave the touthpaste cap off for sure.

She may wake up without her arms.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I'll respond for Chan. If you think they did not have any competition then you are wrong. I recall a certain Elkhart team they played against for the championship and the Chiefs won by a touchdown because and i am not taking away from the Chiefs but a very iffy pass interference call that lead to a Chiefs winning touchdown. I am not trying to dis the Chiefs it was a great game. But they beat the leagues only unbeaten team. So don't think they were in a league with no competition.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

G-Rod 23

I AM NOT weighing in on this Chief Competition thing. That is all a matter of opinion.

What I WILL SAY however is, call or no call, no game comes down to 1 call.

Naysayers may disagree.

I however will point out, the officials had nothing to do with a missed PAT. Who do you blame that on? Whose fault is it that the Grizzlies threw an INT that prevented a FG opportunity in regulation.

1997 Indianapolis Tornados say "...they were robbed".

The 2005 Seattle Seahawks say "...they were robbed".

You can't win even when you win.

Everyone always has an excuse. The best excuse is no excuse!

That is ultimately why this whole argument is moot. You play this "hypothetical" team and win, the naysayers say that team was nothing. "You didn't play THIS team". You play "THAT" team, folks say that team was nothing because they play in THAT league. You beat THIS team from this league but not that team from that league and this proves...????

That's my toy! No, it's mine! No, it's mine! My wongs bigger than your wong. No! my unit has more girth than your unit. No! My stream goes farther than your stream.

Just be happy you can go without the use of Avodart!


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

A few responses to the ever so sensitive peanut gallery......
*Brotherhood-Stay out grown folks business! This does not pertain to the Broncos. Early in the post I attempted to give you guys props. as the only team in the league that was not afraid of competition.
*Mustang 35-I am shaking at the keyboard. That is the most retarded thing I have ever read. I guess my computer will blow up in 20 seconds after this post
*G-Rod-Nice try, but your arguement falls a little short on the validity side. The Elkhart team was undefeated against the same teams in the FFL that the Chiefs played. What was their out of league record? Oh, yeah they didn't play any other league's teams.
*Mr. Hill-Is this what your rambling has come to? References to grown men's genitals? This is shameful and surprising! I never thought of you in this manner . You learn something new every day!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Expose who you are or shut up retard.

Was that grown up enough for you?

We don't play out of league games to prove anything to anyone. We do it for the work. We do it to get better. Win or lose means nothing to us.

We want to play, you want to dis people, we both have wants.

Mr. Hill,

What is a wong?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Well Mr. TooScaredToRevealMyselfYetICanCallOthersScaredToPlayOutOfLeagueGames,

I believe Mr. Hill made reference to genitalia so you could relate to it. Apparently you understand that.

Dave Clawson

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

man everybody hates this person. i now know how everyone felt about me in 2004. if you find out who he is put him on the 50 yard line and let the players take care of him like they wanted to do with me.
at least i was man enough to post my name, who i played for, and my number.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

LOL..did it sound like i knew what i was talking about? I have know idea what any of those words meen that i said, i was trying to sound like a computer wiz.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

G-Rod 23,

Are you talkin' to me?

Are you talkin' to me?

Are you talkin' to me?

If ya didn't know, that is a Robert DeNiro line.

What's all this hostility? Turnin' up the volume and all?

I said absolutely nothing about your record concerning out of league play. Where are you getting the idea that I did?

My facts are good. Aim that foghorn someplace else.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I am going to put it in my prayers tonight that this thread will cease.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Sorry Hill i had the cap locks on. The record thing wasn't for you it was for the guy who couldnt post his name. That said something about our out of league record. Not trying to get hostile at all. Just didn't notice i typed everything in caps.

And yes right now i am talking to you Hill you only have to ask once LMAO

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

It's all good.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

C'mon Tater, you aint man enough to knock yourself down, much less a grown man. G-Rod, who did Elkhart beat out of league play?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

I'M #100

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

These are cool looking.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

the first one, is that bon jovi?? I have him on he talks to me. He's sposed to be hooking me with Jennifer Knettles aka girl from sugar land. Holla

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

SWEET you talk to bon jovi! tell him he should of been in labyrith instead of david bowie. he sucked that movie right up. [DarthVader]

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

DAMN IT! how do you make the darth vador one?

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

[DarthVador] maybe i spelled it wrong.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

do they have chewbacca? or any body else? they need to make a STORM SHADOW one! huh? huh? anybody else with me on this one? G.I.JOE KICKS A$$!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Finish your training, you should

1. "Vader" inside []

2. "Vader2" inside []

3. "Vader3" inside []

Will you complete your training?
Do or do not. There is no try.

"Click on" More Smiles - Famous

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

This " [] " should be " [ ] "

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

The Michiana Saints and the Dawagiac Dawgs.
Those were the 2 teams we played and beat out of league

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

These were not nationally known or talented teams. I actually believe the teams in the FFL were better. If I am not mistaken, the team from Duwaigac did not even make it through the entire season.....But my point is not to knock the Elkhart Grizzlies. You guys made a great turnaround from the year before. Why should you have scheduled top teams in the country, based on your record the year before. What you did was improve and play teams that were equal to or above your talent level the year before...nothing wrong with that. Semi-pro teams change year to year and we cannot predict who will be significantly each year. But the bottom line is that Madison Co. had success year in and year out, but never stepped up and challenged themselves. They were incredibly cocky(which I know Coach Hill will debate, but it is true-ask the teams who were losing to them) and then Chan comes on here acting as if they were the greatest football dynasty in Indiana history. I debate this due to there unwillingness to play outside their league and take on top national competition-whether it be in the pre-season or post-season.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Who gives a shit? You are missing the point, Mr. Anonymous. Nobody cares who you played, or who you beat in 1998...You are not getting it. "This is funny, that's what this is. You people have no idea how to defend a country." "You can't handle the truth!" I know who this is. It is really Supa. No it is Ian Rozens. No, it must really be Hemi. I got it. It is actually the MidwestIFLIndianaOhioMichiganNorthCentralWesternIllinoisSouthern Sports Reporter!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

You only don't care because you suck and your sorry excuse for a team sucks!

Re: New IFL Teams announcement


Re: New IFL Teams announcement

this thread will only die when we all stop putting things on it. let it rest fellas, let it rest.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Now I get it

This is all about Chan.

Well, you and Chan can take it outside. Perhaps yall could engage in some arm wrestling or some other "objective" competition to work this thing out.

By the way, just exactly what team DID YOU SIT ON THE PINE FOR? Obviously, you were no player. A member of the "ALL-TWEEZER" team as somebody put it.

Whatever team it was, I can name a team they could not have beat.

So rub your skidmarks on that.


Re: New IFL Teams announcement




I'm so sorry. Those are crappy skidmarks. No pun intended.

Re: New IFL Teams announcement

Stoney...what did I do :( aight here's my take on it, honestly not that its any of my business. I know a few fella's who played with the chiefs, I also know a lot of fella's who did not play for the chiefs but were straight up and to the point to tell you they were the shiznit (the chiefs). Now here's the good stuff, IF (if) If Hill were to say, "I have no reason for why we did not play post season" then you might have an 8th of an argument. However, now I dont want to get to "smart" for anybody or go out of anyones vocabulary, but this is common sense...which is why im even posting this because other than this being common sense i have no reason to voice anything here. Now, it's COMMON SENSE....that if you do not have enough players "willing" to continue playing, that you may not be able to PLAY. I'm no genious, but I think my proposal is descent?? Now if they had 35 strong willing to run the gauntlet and were not "allowed to participate for personal reasons" again you may have an 8th of an argument. But from what I have seen that was not the case. A season is long enough, add post season and it's break out the masseus for a year. Again I really have no room to participate in this discussion....but from the men I know, and from the people who weren't even involved with that team, I feel I have enough knowlege to say that I respect them for what they were. They were a helluva a football team. ok, now I will stick to my poems and ninjas. have fun, be safe and remember to not drink and post.

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First, to anyone tired of the thread… simple deal… DON’T READ IT! Nobody makes you.

I have attempted as best I can to explain this situation. Obviously that is not good enough for Mr. Skidmarks.

Now that there has been some respectable cats chime in on this, I will make one final attempt. BUT! This will NOT SETTLE ANYTHING!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Anderson University is close to the Pirates home base. The University has a football program and they compete in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. The HCAC is a Division III team of the NCAA.

Taking the above facts into consideration, hypothetically speaking, A. U. could have a team that wins the HCAC conference title 4 out of 5 years. Does this make them a powerhouse?

The answer to that question is subjective. From the HCAC perspective, the answer would be yes. Does that mean that they are capable of beating a D-1 National Title caliber team during that same span? Absolutely not.

Applying this same logic to Mr. Poopforbrainsnonnameposter’s argument, the only way that the hypothetical A. U. football team above would be able to legitimize their claim to a distinguished record would be if they "proved" it by playing a higher caliber team. That in my opinion is absolutely ludicrous.

I became Head Coach of the Madison County Chiefs sort of by accident. I had played as a member of the Anderson Packers and Madison County Bulls between 1979, my rookie season and 1985. Those two teams competed in a league called the NAFL (National Amateur Football League). In my estimation, this thing that most now want to call "semi-pro" such as the IFL or MFL is horse manure. Nobody gets paid and therefore there is absolutely NO justification for calling it such other than that it evidently makes some folks feel better about themselves. Sort of like saying you’re hung like a mule when really you measure up more like a Chihuahua but that is another argument.

After my playing days I lost track of "amateur" football. In those days, we old fogies did not have modern tech like the PC so I really did not know anything about the popularity of such leagues, various divisions, other leagues etc. Instead, I spent time coaching football in the local youth league. As far as I knew, there was no longer any football of this type being played in Indiana.

In 1995 or 1996, I became acquainted with Ernie Robinson. We worked together in the Design Room at Delphi-I and use to share "war stories" about football. In some way, he learned of the existence of a team called "The Outlaws". Still later he learned of a team in the Anderson area called "The Chiefs" and decided to "suit-up" again. That was 1996. I went to a couple of games that year to support them. By the end of the season, Ernie began "bugging me" about coaching. Ultimately, I ended up meeting with the leaders of the team toward the end of the year to discuss the possibility of joining. During the off-season between 1996 and 1997, I agreed to join.

The Chiefs had finished with a 6 – 5 record in 1996 (I believe). I told the leadership that I would coach for at least 3 years. The reason for this is because I thought that it would take me 3 years to get in position to win "a ship".

Early in 1997, I began putting a coaching staff together and developing the offensive and defensive systems that we would use. I attempted to learn everything that I could about the league (GRFL) and the teams we would be competing against. My primary goal was to make us competitive and get to "the ship". There was never any thought on my part for anything beyond the season nor did it ever come up in my discussions with the team leaders.

At some point during my days as a Head Coach in youth football, I began to set my schedule to begin with pre-season practices and to conclude at the date of the Championship game. My personal preference is that once the season was over, that is the end of my yearly commitment. Here I once again reiterate that my goal and mandate was to win “the ship”.

In the final weeks of that 1997 season, (I believe Josh Miller), mentioned that there was "some team" somewhere (I do not recall exactly who but if I had to bet money I would say the Kokomo Mustangs) expressed an interest in playing at the end of the season. I am pretty certain that my thought process was 1) we are preparing for a play-off game. 2) dependent upon the outcome of the play-offs, some may feel differently about it. 3) I am tired and I am ready for this to be over. 4) In 1997, my son was 7 years old. I had coached his Coaches pitch team and then All-Stars. His team won three All-Star tourneys that summer. I missed his last game, the City Championship game. He made the final catch. I did not see it and was not at the game. I was at a Chiefs game. While I am devoted and loyal during the season, I am committed for the length of the season. Once the season is over, I have other commitments. If that fact creates a problem for you accepting my explanation, kiss my ass.

During the week of practice before the 1997 Championship game, I have to assume that this question came up again. I do remember what my response was, I told them something to the effect of "...if you guys want to play them, fine. I may come watch". I do not remember what their response was. More than likely, I probably walked away after my response to either go home (if it was after practice) or get to work on something at practice. As events unfolded, we won the Championship.

In preparation for the 1998 season, I set as my goal to win a repeat Championship... Period.

In preparation for the 1999 season, I set as my goal to win a 3rd Championship. Additionally, that year I did something unprecedented even for my own personal tastes. After reviewing the schedule that year, I told the team that in my belief, to win a third consecutive Championship, we had to do something that I do not normally even talk about. We needed to win home field advantage and to accomplish that goal we had to go undefeated. That was the goal. Period!

So, if Mr. scrotumbetweenthecheecksnonameposter is still reading at this point, I am certain that your gray matter is still not accepting anything that I have said so answer this…

1) Have you ever been a part of a Championship team? I suspect not.

2) Have you ever been a part of a team that won 2 consecutive Championships? I seriously doubt it.

3) Have you ever been a part of a team that won 3 consecutive Championships? I am certain, NO!

4) Have you ever been a part of an undefeated team? Probably not.

5) Have you ever been a part of a team that won 4 Championships in 5 years? I can’t hear you!

IF… you could answer any of these questions with an affirmative (which you can’t AND especially since by not revealing your name, nobody can verify your claims), then you MIGHT be able to argue with me. You have no clue the amount focus that it takes to win two in a row. You have no clue what it takes to get three in a row AND go undefeated. A team with the talent level of the Chiefs MUST practice together. They MUST utilize game plans. At the end of the season, you are running out of daylight. Because of that fact alone, guys that work construction type jobs have difficulty getting to all practices. That gets frustrating to me. The big problem is that ultimately, I know it will lead to failure on the field. That frustration ultimately leads to burnout. Burnout is something that I try hard to avoid. My reason is simply because I love the game too much and I am not ready to ride off into the sunset. Unless you have done it, you don’t know. I have now coached since I was 19 years old. I am now 51.

Were the Chiefs cocky? Some were. Despite all that I attempt to do as a coach, when a team becomes successful, cockiness creeps into the psyche. I don’t like it and I tried harder than you would ever know to prevent that from happening. Still, to throw each and every player that was a Chief into a bag called "cocky" is not correct. In my opinion what they were was confident. The 1998 and 1999 teams had a definite "swagger". How someone could call Cody Baker, Joe Williams, Jason Goldson, Troy Lewis, Josh Miller, Todd Myers, Darryl Hill, Andy Drummond, Terence Battee, Chuck Foga and others like them cocky is absurd. They all gave as good as they got. If that’s cocky, I’ll take it all day long.

Were the Chiefs as good as some of them thought? Unequivocally, the answer is NO! Could the hypothetical Anderson University team that I mentioned above beat a National Championship caliber D-1 school? More than likely, NO!

So, in conclusion, I did not have any personal interest in playing any games beyond the known post-season. I still don’t. The Madison County Chiefs during those championship years had several players on the roster that had played at a Division III level. We NEVER had any former D-1 players during that time. Most of the Chiefs during those years had high school experience. Some of the Chiefs had little or no experience. Could they have beaten a team with a few D-1 players? Could they have beaten a team with a few more D-1 players? I don’t know and I don’t care. As I said in the beginning, this will not settle anything. However, it seems fairly obvious to me that the REAL issue here is, you are having major difficulty dealing with the "bad taste" that Chan left in your mouth. That is YOUR problem. I don’t agree with "the inference" of Chan’s comments but I don’t tell him what to think, say, or do. I like Chan as a person (even though he does not think so) but even he will tell you that I don’t like some of the things about him as a player. You want to compare a D III team to a D-1. If that is your point, you win. However, it’s going take a whole lot more for you to get Chan’s "stuff" out of your mouth.

"...Now how you feel bout’ yo’self" ~ Homey the Clown

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Well I don't think it matters who is a nationaly reconized team. Hill pretty much sumed it up. And if you really want to dog a team or a player get over yourself because you don't even have what it takes to post your name. So you wanna talk about Chan. Well he is a excellent player and i don't think any one should worry about him nor say anything about him. He has always been respectable. And Mr. Hill i love your TV show "That Boy Ain't right" Just playin

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I was just kidding. That post was a joke.


My guess is you don't know me, or anything about my team.

For anyone else I might have offended, I apologize. It was a joke.


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Stoney AkA....Mr. clean, I knew you were joking dude, hince the FROWN PmS.....Patton was a good GENERAL

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Although I haven't won at the level of Coach Hill, I am not that far off from success and want to add these points.

The best team I ever played for was the 2000 Morgan Co. Broncos. We also won the league and had the chance to go to Lowell Nor'Easter (or something like that who where undefeated and in the AA) in Mass. I think? I was asked by our head coach after our championship game what I thought about going to play them.

If I am not mistaken we where 13-1 at the end of our season and our team was tired. We were very tired. I told him it wasn't a good idea and I felt we were all pretty satisfied with the end being here.

He eventually turned them down on the offer. We could have went into a mid west tourney, we didn't do that either.

Could we have beat that Lowell team? Who cares.

We had what we wanted, we earned our respect from each other, who cares what others think.

Dane Hill has played a big time team anyways. He has actually coached one as well. They were called the Indiana Tornados. A allstar team made up of Chiefs and Broncos. A team in the first year that made the elite 8 in the NAFL (and both years after).

I am unsure of all the players on the Tornado years but here are some highlights for you.

Tommy Stevens (NAFL defensive player of the year)
Wayne Pelfrey
Dre Knox
Brent Baker
Israel Thompson
Bobby Burton
Larry Bland
Thats all I can remember

Ryan Smoot
Andy Dollard
Troy Lewis
Vic Martin
Chuck Foga
That big gorilla dude, I can't remember his name.
Dave Tunnell (sp)

Most were starters on those excellent Tornado teams. They played everyone and backed down from no one. They played the best and beat them.

I am sure I missed a few guys as well.

Eat it.

and the classic

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Well I would like to post some of my chanpionship momemts...

1)when I was 8 my soap-box derby car went 12-0 and won the boy scouts soap-box derby car trophy.
2)when I was 10 I went 13-0 at camp whitley and one the ping pong tournament then just hours later I went undiefeted and won the tetherball tourny.
3)my sophmore year of highschool i entered the school tourny in bad mitten I won in the whole school for singles, then countinued that streak untill I graduated.
4)and to this day I am STILL unbeaten in the game "peeknuckles" I am up for a challange anyday of the year.

thank you for listening it means alot to me.

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Let me say this much you Hater will not post your name you are a bad man! The chiefs was no push over just ask the Grizzlies who was very strong team in the ffl! YOU are a Hater get over it PUNK!! CHAN OLD CHIEF #73 OUT!

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wow...let me tell you all this. im pretty tired from reading all these it has taken me an hour and a half to read all these to see who says what and who is too scared to post thier name on here or team with number. this is kinda like a guiding light show..pointless and tiresome. coach hill where do you get these big words at and what school did you attend to acquire such a big vocabulary? i have had to get the dictionary out so i could keep understand the whole coach i have agreed with you the whole way so please tell me where i may acquire these words without reading the whole hemi hemi hemi you are one music buff dude. i def would not be able to remember the words to some of those songs well enough to post them on here. were you listening to those songs while you posted them? oh and mustang #35 hey i think i got this vador thing down now after reading these posts. guess we will find out

later gator
wrangler #2 [vador]

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whoops let me try this again with a different spelling