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Indy Dragons Tourney Rules

I am not sure about these rules that i have read
but i know these afl rules

-Four offensive lineman TE OG C OG
-Three defensive lineman and only one LB is permitted

Now in your rules it says the QB can run only if blitz
so is it really a blitz or a rush when 3 defensive lineman are coming thru the line. So i am wondering if this is getting mixed up with certain Flag football rules. Please get back to me about this it kinda makes a world of difference with AFL playbooks.

Re: Indy Dragons Tourney Rules

What we have done is eliminate one of the guards to make a tight end. This change allows up to 5 receivers. On the line you are to have a center and a guard. on the other side of the guard is another "guard/tight end". You can send either person on a route if you wish, but the opposite side must stay home.
We are trying to get more offense into the game. You can rush any defenseman whose offensive man stays home.

Re: Indy Dragons Tourney Rules

Just a question....If your going to have 3 defensive lineman, and your going to make one of the offensive guards pass eleigible....does that mean the defensive guy lined up on him is supposed to stay home? The only way that will work is if you make it a two man defensive front or you keep it 3 and add an extra lineman to the offensive side. So realistically you'll have 4 man line on a 3 man line, but the D-line is now allowed to shade out. I dunno maybe im not seeing something.

Re: Indy Dragons Tourney Rules

I re-read it and confused myself even more. Are you still keeping your tight end? MEaning your having a 4 man line but instead of the tight end being eligible your now making a tight end and or guard elegible. If this is the system, technically you will have 3 out of 4 lineman eligible to run a route just one at a time?

Re: Indy Dragons Tourney Rules

I can see how this is getting confusing. We discussed it and we are going to use the AFL lineup. 2 guards and a center. This gives you up to 4 receivers. The lineup is the same anywhere where the guard has to be covered on the line of scrimmage.

This allows you to have three defensive lineman. You can blitz one non-lineman on the play.

We will keep it original, see you guys in a month.