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It's like someone handed out 5 gallon buckets of cracka jacks to everyone up in here now.

2 good teams for the IFL

Classic City Crush- They will be playing in a rich traditional football city in dekalb. Dekalb should welcome them very appreciative. They Put on a tournament with help from the stangs that was above everyones expectations, great venue....great teams....good ball'n in a short amount of time. Give them some months to prepare for a season and this is gonna be a good team. I beleive you have a teammate of mine from the hemi high school days playin with ya.

'DA THUNDA- I balled it up with a few of these guys last season. Great guys and thier good players. They'll put together a good program. Thanks for the helmet BJ, it actually inspired me to lose my 50 lb. rock I wore on my head and upgrade to your kind. think it made me quicker! just jokes, me quicker?!not happening. Can't wait to play you boys!

Good job to the IFL Reps... gonna be a good season.
PS. this has nothing to dowith football, but I had the chance to see a couple bands this last weekend and thought I would throw thier name out. IF your in town and you should get a chance to see these guys, DO IT! The Ricky Bratton Blues Band, these guys Rock...This Ricky guy can play the guitar like a brother from another mother. great band. The Next band is called The Keagles, They are a variety band and play everything from seger to sublime.