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ATTN Nashville Storm

We could help you out with the July 1st Game. Our email is Would like to hear from you.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

I think that you need to research the Nashville (Tenn.) Storm first. If this is the same team, they are one of the better teams in the NAFL. Large, deep, and well coached. In my opinion more that you might be looking for in your first year. I would love to play them again, especially after the last result down there. nine or ten of us left on the field as tthe rest of the team walked off. I just do not see any of the teams in either of our leagues matching up well with them. Maybe the Hurricanes, Vipers, or Flyers, where they have more depth and can travel that far for a game.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Well, we need to see where we stand. We'd love to play you guys as well. But with this whole battle of leagues, is it even a possibility?

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Josh, that would be suicide playing that team. I don't mean to disrespect your team but we could take the allstars from the MFL and IFL and still not beat the Storm.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Don't listen to them.

Go Big or Go Home Right!!!!

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Josh, you will die.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

With all due respect to everyone involved- the Storm (at full strength) is likely among the top 25 teams in the country. My guess is that they are looking in central Indiana for preseason games because they have beaten the hell out of everyone within a reasonable distance and have no teams left willing to play them.

There will be plenty of other OVFL, IFL, MCFL, MSFL, and MFLA teams looking for games for which the Dragons might be better suited.

Good luck to both the Storm and the Dragons, but it is not really in the interest of either team for them to meet.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

All I can do is laugh. They may be that great, but man, you can't be afraid of anyone. If you are, why you play the game. If we can work out all the details and my committee approves it, then we shall play on.
You never know how good you are until you play outside of your level. Isn't that part of the debate going on in the other post?
Again, as long as my player committee approves it, why not.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Josh, I've been involved on the league board for various teams in semi-pro ball for 4 years now. I can tell you that the worst thing for your team morale is to play a game early in the season and lose 72-0 and have 4 people get injured for the season...and then drive 4 hours back home after the game on top of that all.

You won't get anything useful out of that game. Don't put your players out there for unnecessary risk.

Even though we're (Chargers) in the same conference, I'd glady set up a scrimmage with you for that week.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Guys, I appreciate the props, and I do feel we have a good team; I don't recall us ever beating ANYONE 72-0.
Preseason games are the beginning of a long season, and organizationally, we put a priority on winning by 1 or more points and not exposing our starters to unneccessary injury risks. If it looked like there was that kind of disparity between us and another team, our starters would get an early end to the night while our depth players get some experience.
And the Dragons may be better than everyone here thinks.
If we ever see a score like that, we'll have 3rd-string players contending for MLFN "Player of the Week" awards.
Simply put, how we do things simply doesn't lend itself to rolling up those kinds of scores.
We are appreciative of and flattered by the interest of the Indy Dragons; I can be e-mailed at or phoned (toll-free) at (866) 458-4448 if that interest is still alive.

Re: ATTN Nashville Storm

Indy Dragons,

The Hardin County (Elizabethtown-Radcliff-Fort Knox, KY) Wolverines usually choose to take the Independence Day weekend off, but they might be willing to make an exception.

According to Yahoo! Maps, the Wolverines a 155-mile drive straight down I-65.

The Wolverines, members of the Ohio Valley Football League features coverage from one daily newspaper, two weekly newspapers and one cable-access television station that shows games multiple times per week on cable access.

They usually host a postgame party at a local restaurant with the opposing team.

The team is ran by a pastor and is getting to play at the University of Louisville's Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in late May as part of a fund-raiser.

For information, contact team president/co-founder Kendrick Johnson at:

PHONE: 270-300-1191 (cell), 270-351-2704 (home)
FAX: 270-351-2704