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IM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right peps Im back the worst spellin & grammer writin Reporter in the semi-pro football world is back. Man if been gone way to long and boy do i have some makin up to do. My computer went crazy on me so im using a friends for today but in a few days mine will be back up. First things first i know you you all missed me hahahaha j/k. Well like i said last season i am going to report for more than the IFL ( i still will be more indept with the IFL but i will be doin other leagues as well) i will also be doin the MFL ( the midwestfootballleague). So my name has changed but its ok i like the new name
MidWestInterstate sports Reporter or MWISR.
OK down to the nitty gritty. how about David Vance for the IFL MVP i told you all this dude was a baller.
Next man the COL is a great and they would have been a great fit for the IFL but its cool they will do good in the USFA, good comp for them there.
This is a off note but damn the H. Hurricanes are a heela of a team and congrats on them winning their league.
Now on to the Crush Arena indoor tourney or what ever it was called. I give you guys props for pullin it off. And sorry Drangons but you tried to rip there tourney and it folded in your face. props out to all the teams that was in it and had fun. Broncos you held you own way to rep the IFL.
Now the IFL expansion - man there was some dramma with this huh - to the CLASSIC CITY CRUSH &
THE ST. JOSEPH COUNTY THUNDER WAY TO DO YOU JOB AND GET IN, I look forward to reportin on you teams.
Now to the M.V.warriors i think you guys are a great ORG. and team and i think you guys would have made a great fit with the IFL but thing dont always work out and i wish you well. I think you will suprise alot of teams this year.
One thing that i think hurt the Warriors was the Indy Dragons droped out of the IFL expansion.
Now i dont know why the Dragons really went with the MFL over the IFL but the did and i think it was a bad move.
Indy is a talent pool and there is no way they would not have been able to compete in the IFL. The Owners made a bad move by doing this but who are we to judge huh oh wait thats my job haha.
Im not sure how things are ran in your ORG. but things are not going well No IFL No Tourney yeah you might be a good fit for the MFL.
Speaking of the MFL im not hatin you league, I think its a good league just a little to private. Open up let Supa do his thang & me. To the teams that got in
the BEARS - TITANS - STING - BLITZ - DRAGONS good luck and i think you guys will help make this league a beeter stronger league.
Out of all these teams i think that even though they are a new team the Bears will win the League. they are just way to good. maybe to good for the MFL.
Now why everyone hatin on the Pirates and DANE you better back off before he lets that D from last year lose on you all.
well im done for now but i will be back i promise
peace and oatmeal. Good luck to all and please fix all my misspelled words and bad grammer hahahaha
SUPA ITS GREAT TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: IM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its going to be a long season. Long live the reporter. You all are entitled to your opinions about us and you can think we did the wrong thing by choosing the league we did. But I want to say this, they were more open to us and welcoming. Case closed. The tournament was all ready, other teams, just simply were not. Deadline came and past. We'll do something else. Case closed.
Now, I supported you last year Mr. Reporter, with some of your ranting and raving. It draws attention to you. Its halfway entertaining. But you need not make personal attacks. I am highly organized and professional, probably more than most. Thats why all my businesses are successful. This TEAM is highly successful at this point. Say whatever you want about our perfomance on the field, that's fair play for any team, but to attack our structure on a personal level, not professional at all.