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JC #50

Call me and let me know what are team is doing? I did not go to tryouts but I got some guys that might be interested.

Re: JC #50

Jason (my back up safety ) we are looking to have another try out session sometime in late March, but we are not sure if this is going to happen or not. The turnout was good and I think that we are still going to have more people coming out late.

I also have talked to several of the defensive players from last year and they all seem really excited about the up and coming season and the direction that we are going in, as far as my philosophy for the defense is concerned. I believe that offensively we will be even better than we were last year.

But I am looking forward to seeing you on the field and I hope that you are practicing your kicks.

Re: JC #50

hey coach taylor,

i was telling Randy that i don't know how much practice I will be able to come to. I have class every night but Friday until May and I have National Guard 1 weekend a month. I will also be working and going to school this summer. I will also be gone Jun. 10-24 because of my Guard commitment. School will affect my practice during the season as well. Also, will you be my coach this year? That would be nice.