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Huntington Bulldogs

Does anybody know who I can contact about playing for the Huntington County team? I was just on the MFL page and didn't realize there was a team here.

Thanks alot, Bill Williams

Re: Huntington Bulldogs

They don't have a team anymore. The MFL website hasn't been updated yet. The new spinoff team is the Miami County Blitz.

Re: Huntington Bulldogs

Thanks Dan, do you know who I should contact?


Re: Huntington Bulldogs

I don't have a phone number handy but I could probably get you an e-mail address. Just e-mail me at and I'll see what I can do.

You could also try posting a new thread with the words "Miami Blitz" in the subject and then someone from the Blitz will probably see it and respond.

Re: Huntington Bulldogs

bill, you can contact the blitz by getting in touch with brian raber or email me at

Re: Huntington Bulldogs

Bill, you can email me at

I'll answer any questions you have.