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Poetry 101

Fella's, It is time. We are starting a poetry club entitled...."Hemi's short poetry club" named in part of "Oprahs Book club". after my psycologist reccomened openning up...this was her idea. She said to open up to the football guys and they to will open up. This thread will be graceful, passionate if you will and Dark if you must. I'll start.....


Green and luscious
waving ever so softly in the wind
the sun waking and draining it
nothing some water cant mend
people stepping on and crushing it
assholes...F&*& this S*H*&! (sorry)
on it dogs will pee and poop
the only thing that comes to mind is a dog named snoop
ending the poem (grass) with the word snoop, is it ironic?
I swear this is no refference to chronic
time to mow your lawn
but what if the mower is broke
Then ride the deer and feed the fawn.

Grass....By Hemi

Re: Poetry 101


Football is what we want to play.
Football is where we want to stay.
Football time is here today.

Football lives in my soul.
Football helps to make me grow.
Football I love, you need to know.

Football coaches make me work.
Football coaches are sometimes jerks.
Football plays tonight will work.

Football fields all full of crowds.
Football fans I make so proud.
Football night, I'm on a cloud.

Football game is starting now.
Football time, I'm on the prowl.
Football's will bounce, my way some how.

Football is over, its sad to say.
Football's my life, from today till I'm grey.
Football I love you, just not in a broke back way.

couldn't resist.

Re: Poetry 101

there you go brotherhood...let it out brotha. Thats what im talking about. C'mon people, join in. Gambrel....I know your contimplating, just let it out bro...just let it out

Re: Poetry 101

Jump off the bridge

So you think life is hard,
you didnt get a V-day card.
You want to jump and end your life,
or slit your throat with a knife.

well I am calling your bluff,
I dont think your man enough.
Your a pu$$y and a chicken too,
to prove my point I double dog dare you.

Wait! Wait! I was just playing,
please come down please plan on staying.
Think of your family and how much they'll miss you,
plus you have my ps2 controller and owe me $15 too.

What! please tell me this is a joke,
for real you lost my controller and your broke!
you better get back on that ledge and jump off now,
and when your dead I am going to F#%K you mom like a dirty cow.

Re: Poetry 101

WOW Mustang35 has truly flipped is lid,and if he is your neighbor keep your door's locked and never let the dog over there or it may not come home ,I think he need's Hemi's shrink's number lol

Re: Poetry 101

She has already contacted me and informed that.."Mr. Anglin is in desperate need of help. He is in need of help that I am not willing to give. Tell him to seek help immediately before someone is verbally damaged or worst....$%^&ed" I asked if there was anything I could do and she said to write a positive poem for him.


In the clouds way above
there is a place, a beautiful land
prepare for flight and grab the wings of the dove
as your feet touch the ground, feel the warmth of the sand
Suddenly a fury touch will grab your hand
It's a care-bear from the new found land.

BASHFUL HEART BEAR: "#35, we're ur friends, dont be stronger than a bee hive"

BEDTIME BEAR:"yaaawwwn, #35...if you feel bad, no worries we'll put you to beddy by and read you stories"

CHAMP BEAR:" aww, can do it, put your footbal mind into it"

CHEER BEAR:" #35!!! HEYYY!!!! IT'S o'Tay, we're here to say, we're with you to take you all the WAAAYY!

SHARE BEAR:" Tyler, I'll be your friend....with you I offer my yams, nothan those cant mend.

To be continued.......

Re: Poetry 101

hemi please make one about me
just dont think im begging on 1 knee
never mind ill be ok i will survive
dont take this personal, you are not as cool as mustang 35

i like this new club it makes me settle down
although most of the guys on this site act like nothing but a clown

i remember drinking in a bar,so close to my home
just talking about2006, and who we(the warriors)will play in the dome.

thats all i have to say
i cant think of any more
im hungry,and fat
im goin to the store.

Re: Poetry 101

They Get No Love....
They Get No Glory....
But When You Need An Inch....
There Is No Worry........

In The Trenches Is Where They Play...
No Touchdowns, No Catches, No End-Zone Dance....
Without The Big Fellas.....
There Would Be No Chance......

The Give Their All....
Playing the Game Hurt....
They Are In The Mud.......
They Love The Dirt........

When The Game Is Over.....
The Reporters Dont Come Near......
Hell If You Want To Thank A Lineman....
Then Buy Them A Beer......

As He Travels Home.....
His Body All Broken....
His Arms and Legs are Swollen...
No Words are Spoken......

He Is A Lineman....
But Who Really Cares....
He Dosent Score Points....
And He Eats Like A Bear.....

There Is No Love....
There Is No Glory.....
There Is Just A Fat Guy Blocking....
And Thats The End Of The Story................

Re: Poetry 101

There you go gambrel!! Nothan like a poem about some crazy hogs.

Re: Poetry 101

Don that was the most beautiful poem I've ever heard. Could I get a copy of that for me and Joe Bob?

Re: Poetry 101

There once was a "boy" that was lame
He refused to post up his name
He looked in his hiney
And to the front it was tiny
And now every knows he don’t have game

Re: Poetry 101

"It's on every night" my wife screams
Can't she see that fulfils my dreams?
It isn't only men with a ball
But a challenging game where they give their all

The argument she can only inflame
By telling me "It's only a game!"
Any game and any league
Fills me with awe and intrigue

My wife and family I truly love
But when push comes to shove
There really is no challenge at all
The love of my life is Football!

Re: Poetry 101

Who am I

where im at, it is dark here
only at night, is when I do my work with no fear
I am an extroidinary jumper
I bound like a rabbit named thumper
to many, I am mysterious
I like to go to the coco cabanaerious
I have many stars tucked away in my outfit
I use them when someone throws a fit
at night you may catch a glimpse of me
i will however, put in a good word at geico for you for a small fee
like supafan, my identity is hush hush
some say, my hair is to thin for a brush brush
you may have seen me in teenage mutant ninja turtles
after I hooked up with april, I was the one running hurdles
I'm swift and I'm hard
and I like to get the friction on
so ladies yeah ladies...(jokes) my kind is aloud to joke.
I have now packed my tote
I must go, before I get beat up by chris grote
my profession you ask?
tisk task, i was taking bath.
I was sent by chris farley
A ninja I am, I am narly

Re: Poetry 101

LOL OH SHlT! that was funny NINJAS KICK A$$! oh wait i just thought of a cool post! everyone follow me! to the new post.

Re: Poetry 101


Re: Poetry 101

Roses are red, violets are blue,


Re: Poetry 101

dude, send that SHlT to Oprah.

Re: Poetry 101

Stoney, 50 cent called.....said if you can give youngbuck a run for his money he might sign you for an album. However, he said your record would only be allowed to have nothan but Ja Rule disses and somethan about tater stealing your pancakes.

Re: Poetry 101

i only stole what was mine first didnt your mama ever tell you, never steal a bankers money, never steal a pimps trick, and never steal a fat mans food. people end up with flesh wounds due to forks.