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This should be interesting...

Bill Parcells versus Terrell Owens

So who thinks this combination will work and why?

I am amazed at this deal. I mean, it was not all that long ago that T.O. essentially pulled his pants down and took a big dump on the star .

Obviously T.O. has talent but personally, I could not work with all the other stuff he usually brings to the table . Some folks may say, "...The Tuna will keep him in line". Well, what does that say for all of the other coaches?

The Tuna had "Me-shawn" in New York and he seemed to keep him in line. This was even through the course of the "Just Give Me the Damn Ball" book. Me-shawn then goes to Tampa and makes "Chuckies" life miserable before eventually teaming back up with The Tuna in Dallas. Perhaps B.P. may be able to keep the reins on T.O.?

Bottom line for me is, I don't want to see this bum get a ring. He "represents" everything that is the worst of this great game in my opinion. I really wanted to see him go and hook up with Al Davis. That would be the match made in heaven.

No doubt there are plenty of incentives in the contract. Still, when this is done, I expect that Jerry will be .

My vote

Re: This should be interesting...

its kinda like that old saying "sometimes you have to spend millions of dollars and start from scratch, to have people come eat your hamburgers" Hardies NEW President. and it worked alot for hardies, have you had the MONSTER THINCKBURGER YET! that is a O-LINEs BEST FRIEND.

Re: This should be interesting...

give us the ring now. I am a diehard cowboys fan, TO makes the cowboys a diff team they'll be the first nfl team with 6 rings. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!

Re: This should be interesting...

First off on the Hardees thickburger: They Suck. A Rally's Big Buford is better.

On the more important subject of Terrell Owens and Bill Parcells in Dallas, I give it til week six of the regular season before T.O. is his normal bitchass self. You're bringing a snake into your house, do not be surprised when the snake follows it's nature and bites you in the ass.

Let's review: In San Fransisco he attacked Mooch and Jeff Garcia. In Philly he opened his mouth against McNabb and The Eagles as a whole. Now he's in Dallas.

To sum up: Once is forgivable (maybe). Twice is no accident. And three times is officially a trend.

The rest of the NFL owners should send Jerry Jones a thank you card for taking in the biggest tumor (cancer) in the history of the National Football League. I say Dallas goes 8-8 and Owens bitches his way out of town and into another lockerroom and on and on until he eventually becomes the first player in the history of the NFL to suit up for all 32 teams. Since that's where it looks like this road may be headed.

I'm curious to see what if any roll former Jackass Cowboy WR Michael "I-abuse-the-english-language-and-I-thank-God-I'm-not-somebody's-girlfriend-in-a-Texas-Prison" Irvin had in getting this ass in Dallas.

I'm beginning to think of receivers like Owens, Johnson, Moss and so on in the same way Bobby Knight recently said he felt about point guards who liked to dribble the ball too much on his reality show, they should just take them all to a deserted island and leave them there until they get it out of their system and then MAYBE bring them back.

But back to the primary topic, the Tuna vs T.O.

Some experts are saying T.O. will respect Parcells because "he has rings", well Andy Reid and Steve Mariucci had rings, albeit as assistant coaches with the Packers; but they own rings that say Superbowl champions on them, there's not a whole lot of people who have superbowl rings, so why is he going to respect Parcells since he's got rings from 15 and 20 years ago? He has shown he doesn't respect his quarterbacks and other teammates, coaches, GM's, owners or anbody else affiliated with an NFL franchise. So unless this guys had a total personality transplant it's just a matter of time until Texas Stadium implodes because Terrell didn't get the ball and that's even if the Cowboys win.

But to quote Dennis Miller: "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

History says I'll probably be right though.

Oh and what's the over/under on how soon it's Owens vs. Drew Bledsoe on the sidelines?


Re: This should be interesting...


Re: This should be interesting...

THA GAME...YOU WOULDNT KNOW A GOOD RAP SONG IF IT BIT YOU IN THE LAP. JUST LIKE YOU DONT KNOW A GOOD BURGER IF IT FELL ON YOUR BUTT. 50cent likes hardies, and he sold alot more records and got shot a bunch and still is alive. Maybe you should start liking hardies.

Re: This should be interesting...

I am praying every night that TO has turned over a new leaf. 2/3 lb bacon cheeseburger will beat the hell out of the wimpy buford(Rally's fries are better). Ihave been with the Cowboys too long for one player to make me think bad about them. Do I like TO, NO, Hell No, but if he produces he will be accepted. TO will not be the difference maker in Dallas this year a healthy O-Line will. Now for the game. It will be real hard for the Raiders to win many games with no Qb. Touiopopo(sp) will not lead this team to many victories. Also I am glad we did not take Moss. Has he burnt us yes, but we did not need him and his attitude in Big D at the time. And could you have imagined how much of a fit he would have thrown with Carter, Hutchenson, or Henson Qbing. Hell he could not get along with a good qb in Culpepper. You go ahead and stick with your third place Raiders, maybe fourth if Rivers has a good year.

Re: This should be interesting...

The Ray-duhs ain't gonna bust a grape until Al is having his mail delivered by the groundhogs.

Al has completely lost his damn mind. You can't play THA GAME like back when he had Lamonica, Warren Wells and Atkinson and Tatum.

In fact, let's just say that the Raiders are Black and "gray"

Re: This should be interesting...

An excerpt from PFW...

“...We’ve been told not to read too much into the fact that head coach Bill Parcells was "on vacation" and did not attend Owens’ introductory press conference. The mind games are on. Owens won’t be pacified in Dallas as he was by head coaches Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid at previous stops. In those unhappy marriages, Owens was the fire starter, always ready to present a new challenge. In Dallas, you don’t dare invite Parcells to a duel. Not even a stare-down. He’ll burn holes in your chest with his glare and feed you the ashes.”

To naysayers, Now come on now! Why should “The Tuna”, cut his vacation short to come see T.O.’s dumb ass. That is EXACTLY the sort of thing that would “encourage” the fool to start acting up.

T.O. is the sort of kid in a classroom that is always starting mess. Why? Typically because these kids want attention! I am glad to see that “The Tuna” has initiated the boneheads “orientation”. In my opinion, compared to what T.O. has received in the past, “The Tuna” just gave T.O. his first public “public pimp slap”!

So in conclusion, T.O. is nothing but a big, spoiled kid . He does not need T.O. (Time Out) what he needs is for somebody like “The Tuna” to – psychologically - take him out back and whup that ass!

Re: This should be interesting...

TO is a cancer. He will destroy every team he plays on, and cause three problems in the locker-room for every one he solves on the field. He robs teams of their potential and keeps them from winning the big game. The day he wins a championship is the day that I reveal in grand and unequivocal fashion my identity to all.

And you can quote me on that.

Re: This should be interesting...

So this year Supa will be unveiled. GOooooooooo Cowboys

Re: This should be interesting...

How many Rings does TO have?

It will maintain this season and beyond (until his ability is that of Freddie Mitchell) and he is gone forever to never be in the HOF.

Re: This should be interesting...

Chuck, That's just a fastfood burger. You need to head North and locate the breaded-cheeseburger. It's just what it sounds like. Either that or head to Cheesburger in Paradise. I do agree on the fries though.

Oh and let me guess, right now Alonzo Spellman looks great in comparison to T.O. right?


Re: This should be interesting...

Cowboys now have Vanderjadt as well. Man This could be great or a great disaster. Gooooooo Cowboys!

Re: This should be interesting...

Hey Foga,

Do they have that hole in Texas Stadium so god can watch football or so they can fit both T.O.'s and Venderjerk's big heads in there?

Dave Clawson

Re: This should be interesting...

I will give it 12 games and something will come out about how he isn't getting enough balls >>> With Vanderidiot I give it 8 games before he pulls his got drunk in a club and forgot what I said shit this is just prolonging the demise of this team!!!!

Re: This should be interesting...

im sorry supa but i have to disagree with you on ur comment that TO is a cancer and will destroy EVERY TEAM. TO will not destroy the dallas cowboys and there is one reason for that...BILL PARCELLS! if anyone can put TO in his place and make him just play the game without all the bi#$in and complaining it would be bill parcells. i give you this point b/c look what he did with keyshawn johnson. he was a major hot head and a cancer also to all teams especially with the bucs before he came to dallas. although once johnson came to dallas and parcells was the head coach keyshawn got a foot in the a$$ and straitened up real quick. i see parcells doin the same thing with TO and the dallas cowboys being contenders once again.

Wrangler #2

p.s. no im not a cowboys fan but i do believe in miracles and pracells can make it

Re: This should be interesting...

I would rather have two great possession receivers who would do anything they could to help the team win. Teams with a single superstar don't win many titles these days.

Just ask Adam Morrisson and JJ Redick.

Re: This should be interesting...

Check this.

My feelings exactly