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The Colts are set to open their regular season against Eli Manning and the New York Giants. IN New York

Man I wish I could go to that game.....

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Marlin Jackson 2 picks guaranteed!

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who really gives a rats a$$?!?!?!?!? I can't stand either manning, they'll never win a super bowl.
Dallas is gonna bring home the trophy

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Esse. First, what up dude. I miss you bro and hope that everything is right with "su familia".

On the Manning issue, I agree with you there too. However, I must disagree with you on "Los Cabelleros".

Drew Bledsoe has all of the mobility of the Chrysler building. That is ultimately going to be there downfall.

He is capable of having good games but versus severe pressure, he is WORST than Manning. The "X-Factor" here is "The Tuna". If "Orange Julius" can help them to play Parcells "Clock Ball" then they have a chance along with developing a "stingy" defense. However, I also happen to agree with some that so far (in my humble opinion), Roy is WAY OVERRATED in the secondary. He is good in run support but he makes too many mistakes in coverage.

Stay safe bro... "Yamo be there"


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It's "los vaqueros" I respect your opinion Coach Hill BUT the Cowboys will make run at it, they have a chance to bring it home. I won't break down players so as to convince all you cowboy haters that the Boys are a favorite to bring it home. I believe in the Cowboys, I been watchin and rootin for them since the catch(if danny white wouldn't have fumbled around midfield they could have won). I've been with the Boys throught the glory years and when they went 1-15. So every year I think the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl. This year we gotta real good chance.
My family is doin real good, hope yours is the same. Hope to see you on the field of battle.
Good Luck this season Coach Hill and stay safe

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Finally another true Cowboy fan. Maybe not as long as me, but he knkows his history fosho. Not one of these people who saw the original triplets. And I agree. Cowboys win and Supa will be unveiled.

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Just for the record, I can go back to the Ice Bowl. The cold negated "Bullet Bob's" playmaking. Bart Starr behind Jerry Kramer.

Guess that makes me officially an old fart.

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great quote from the ice bowl:

(play-by-play man Ray Scott to color man Jack Buck:)

"It sure is a cold one, Jack. Have a bite of your coffee and tell us what we should expect out of these teams today..."

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Ive totally disagreed... just cuz Colts lost James.. and they lost Tripplett and Thornton.. they will be ok .. Dominic Rhodes is a 1,000 yd rusher he might not be spectacular as James.. but he is a dependable back.. as for Manning.. ya.. there was some mistakes made last yr.. but look forward to this yr.. now that he knows teams play 10 yds off his recievers;) its all about ADJUSTMENTS... and Dungy and Manning will have something this yr :) But ya.. bringin home the SB trophy this yr ;) Oh ya.. im a true colts fan ..I started a Colts fan when Eric Dickerson... Jack Trudaeu, Bill Brooks, Jessie Hester.. omg our 1-15 yrs.. continued on when JEFF GEORGE came to town .. gotta love INDY :)

im OUT

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Well i have no respect for either Manning. I think a team should not be set up to hopefully out score the other team. It should be set up too keep the other team from scoring. 40+ points a game and you can't win a SB.