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Board Info - PLEASE READ

AS the 2006 Season quickly approaches, there are some things that I need all of you to be aware of.

1. A link to each league covered here is scrolling at the bottom of the page. I'd like personally to welcome the USFA to the fold- the new home of the COL and the MV Warriors.

2. Several new teams have neglected to share their logos- notably, the Thunder and the Crush from the IFL. Please send a high resolution version of your logo to my email address.

3. We have a power ranking system currently being computed which will be published and used for prediction this season. There is a lot of bickering in here about qualitative arguments, so I thought it beneficial to add some hard quantitative measures. Keep an eye out for that.

4. As we get closer to the time when teams start meeting, it would be nice if you all would share some information about how your team is coming along. As I have said so many times before, you all have more in common than you think and (strategy and specific X's and O's aside) it is beneficial for everyone if you all share your experiences.

5. I'm still looking to track down Brian Hendricks and Curtis Bell. If anyone knows how to get ahold of them - please have them drop me an email.

6. Congratulations on being a part of this community. For all of its shortcomings, the guys that have been around for a long time will tell you that this is a great time to be playing at this level and that the leagues, teams, players and the game itself are getting better every year. You should count yourself among the lucky to be a part of the golden age of this game.

Re: Board Info - PLEASE READ


As usual, good work.

I have not ever been able to contact C.B. As there are now more than several teams up and going up in his area, I would suspect that he might have joined up with one of them. Particularly with the club that I believe Chad Arnett is with or Beachy's team.

I thought that I had seen that Hendricks was rostered on the Indy Dragons but you would have to check with one of the Josh's on that.

I will try to whip something up for you soon however, if I put up what I know right now, no one would believe me.

Also, "The Q-dawg" is working on something similar to your but sort of like a Pre-season IFL League Report from the Newspaper perspective.


Re: Board Info - PLEASE READ


You have done great work as always with the website and your commitment to Semi-Professional Football!

I have one question for you. Will we be organizing any live chats this year? I know with practice schedules and all it was hard to gather everyone last season. I would think if you could offer two different times and days of the week it would work best. Just a thought... Let me know how I can help!

Chris Cooke #54
Team Captain
Evansville Vipers

Re: Board Info - PLEASE READ


Thanks very much, and yes- I am open to hosting a chat once a week again. For those of you that participated last year- you will have found that it is a nice tool to interact with other players, coaches and fans in realtime.

As we get closer, we can get an idea of which night might be best for us all.

Oh- and thanks for the leads Dane- and let me know if you hear anything from either of those cats.

Re: Board Info - PLEASE READ


I sent logos and links for the Crush and Thunder to on 4/11.