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The Indianapolis Dragons are in need of a committed QB, As of right now the postion is OPEN. If any players our interested you can Contact the Dragons at or e-mail
or phone - Josh T 405-9243 or Josh G - 821-9964.

We have some hard working good WR but no one to throw to them.
Hope everyone has a great year and good luck to all.
SupaFan can you QB,

Re: QB

You might wanna hit Danny Z up. Word on the street is that he had transformed himself into a QB these days.

Just playin... I could not resist.

Re: QB

Actually, Supa...Josh asked me to play QB back in January but I had already committed to the Chargers. I hope they can get somone to play. It's hard to find good QBs at this level (the Chargers still need one...hehehe).