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Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

What games would everyone love to see? I'll start it off....

Grand Rapids Thunder vs. Detroit Seminoles[/b][/u]
- Soooo many great athletes! This would be fun to watch!

Cleveland Lions vs. Lima Warriors[/b][/u]
- Two of the best teams not only in Ohio but in the Midwest... Both well coached and just plain classy organizations.

Columbus Cowboys vs. Columbus Fire[/u][/b]
- For obvious reasons... The two best teams in Columbus!

Ok, who else?

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

I would like to see the Detroit Seminoles vs. Kane County Eagles.

Detroit Seminoles vs. Cleveland Lions is also a great matchup and it actually happens at least once per year. It is perhaps the best semi-pro matchup in the nation each year.

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

Those would both be good ones! Cle vs. Det. is always one to look forward to!

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

Hoosier Hurricanes and the GR Thunder

Lafayette Lions and the Evansville Vipers

MC Cougars and the WC Wildcats

Ohio Knights and the CC Soldiers

COL and the SC Broncos

Michiana Titans and the MV Warriors

FW Flyers and MC Pirates

and yeah- Lima Warriors and Cleveland Lions would be sweet FOR SURE.

I think -without this board- a lot of teams have no idea how good other leagues and teams are. This is a place (hopefully) where football cultures can interact.

I guess it is on the powers that be to make our little dream scenarios come true. I am sure you will all be so kind as to let us know if they do.

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups be honest with you i think it should be the Titan and the Sabers 3 games last year all within a few getting excited already...Im ready and I know the my boy Gambrel and the Titans are too..# 29 SS

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

Definetly JC....3 hard fought games...
I'm just glad we won the one that counted the most

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

OUCH!!!! That's the truth, but damn that hurt!! lol. Well, new year! new name(s)! Hopefully different results, but the same excitement. How are things in Titan Land. We started practicing together this week and it was crazy the numbers we had. You know how it goes though...lets see if they last they whole year. #29 SS

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

JC glad to hear you will be playing strong safety this year. That will give you more opportunity to lay the BIG hits on the Titans and the other teams. See you at practice man.

Re: Semi-Pro Dream Match-ups

2002 CRFL Champs SouthBend Stampede vs
2004 LSFL Champs COL