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Grant County Scorps, Mustang Pre-season

Hey Scorps

I need to know when you guys would like to get our pre-season game in. We have a open date May 20 and would really like to do it then.

Call me at 574-453-1959



Re: Grant County Scorps, Mustang Pre-season


May is too early. I am old and I need more workout time than that before playing the talented KC Mustangs. We need to get the O up to your strong D.

Scorps officially start tonight, so we are going to need sometime. Mr. Riddle is running the O, so he will need time to put all the pieces together.

I will give you a call. We will come to you. July 8 was better for the Scorps or late June, but I do not know your IFL schedule. We will make it happen as I promised.

It will be a great game for all the players and fans that is for sure!!!!

Talk to you soon,

Scorpions #69