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IFL preseason top

Id like to see how people rank the top of the IFL preseason. List the teams in order 1-10
heres mine: Im baseing these predictions on rosters and other info. of last years teams. (If information I list is now incorrect please fill me in.)

1.) SOUTH CENTRAL BRONCOS- These guys are number one until they are dethroned. They have an excellent passer at quarterback. Not real quick on his feet but a very good pocket passer. Tough running back out of the back field and good pass reciever. A fast and big reciever, Arguably the best reciever in the league. Defense in my opinion was very good, but still I put them ranked 2nd in the league.
2.) MADISON COUNTY PIRATES- Entering second season as a team. They had real good team last year in their first season. They got better and better as the season went on. Look for these guys to be in the running for the championship. They are lead by one the best coaches in the league. Their quarterback is the Michael Vick of the league. Very fast. They have the best reciever in the league, last years MVP. They have the number one Defense in the league, in a very close decision with the broncos and then the warriors. If they can improve in other areas, These guys could be your next IFL champs.
3.) KC MUSTANGS- These guys are lead by Arguably the best QB in the league. The tallest for sure. These guys are very team oriented. Very nice offensive line that works well together. A nice recieving core. This team is always a threat. They need to improve in some areas on defense and then these guys will be back in the championship this season.
4.) MERCER COUNTY COUGERS- These guys stick together and bring it all game. You cant let up at all when you play this team. They have a good qb to wr connection with number 9 catching. The qb is like a loose cannon out there but he could make a big play on you anytime. This team is well rounded but needs to improve a lil bit anywhere and they will be back at the top.
5.) DARKE COUNTY WARRIORS- I could have put the warriors at number one. They are the good of a team but this team is a question mark to me. They won the IFL championship in the first year of the IFL, two years ago. Their Defense is tough, They get it done. They have athletism at LB and awareness in the db's. They could use a better pass rush for sure. Two years ago the Rbs were the best in the league, last year it was not there. Recievers are there but they drop lots of passes. They have the smallest qb in the league but the toughest and he can get it done. Hes right up there for qbs in this league.
6.) HENDRICKS COUNTY GENERALS- This team looks real good at times but sometimes just cant get over the hump. These guys arent bad in any position, but they can use alot of impovement everywhere. The passing game is very respectable, The runningback is one of the best in the league. They have a playmaker at reciever. You cant rest on the generals, they can beat ya any given week.
7.) NOBLE COUNTY LONGHORNS- They have one of the faster athletes in the league. He is versatile, you need to know where hes at on the field. I think this team will be at the top in some years to come. Look for these guys to improve this season.
8.) WESTERN OHIO WRANGLERS- This team will be a different team next season, but I dont think they will compete for the title this year. But dont sit on them, cuz they can beat you. They have a passing game and a passing defense. If they improve everywhere else, they could prove me wrong.
9.) CLASSIC CITY CRUSH- Im gonna give this spot to these guys. I dont know anything about them but my motive was that they hosted the semi pro arena tourney and they had a web site sooner.
10.) ST. JOSEPH THUNDER- They are at number ten, but they might kick your ass. So beware.

Re: IFL preseason top

That qb you mention (Ryan Smoot) is done from playing.

He broke his foot and some sort of chip in his elbow at the Indoor tourney (still finished the tournament though).

The big receiver you mention (I am guessing Dexter Stallworth) I doubt comes back this year.

So you can drop us down now.

Re: IFL preseason top

Well with the new information from the broncos coach, I feel that the Broncos no doubtely need to fill those spots back, but since its the broncos, They will keep that spot, cuz it is theres till dethroned

Re: IFL preseason top

Also I want to add that the Broncos even without those two players are very very tough... They still have Bobby burton running the ball and blockin for them. Hes the best fullback in the league... in many leagues for that matter.

Re: IFL preseason top

IFL Fan Man

I appreciate the vote of confidence. However...

At this time, we are very, very far from contending for a “Chocolate Chip” or “The Ship” as we call it.

One key to the IFL success so far is the competitive balance of the teams. I think all of the teams in the IFL face similar challenges. This time of the season has the one of our biggest challenges. That challenge is creating what I would call a “full roster”.

There are more than several reasons why this challenge exists. Older players have contemplated “retirement” and tend to wait until very late in the day to make the decision to play or not to play i. e. Brett Favre. Younger players have the tendency to believe that they are still in great enough shape that they don’t need to “show-up” yet. This type of player typically also fails to understand the importance of “bonding” with teammates to create a successful team. There is yet another group of players that I refer to as “football gypsies” to consider. These players could be considered the “free agents” of the amateur football world (others prefer the title of semi-pro). These players for whatever reason have decided not to return to their former team. Instead, they sort of go around “visiting” other teams. Almost always they have individuals with whom they communicate with and sooner or later, a “rumor” will surface that indicates the player has decided to go somewhere else. The last group of players I will talk about are the “lazy” ones. These guys are probably not truly lazy but they do not like the types of practices that are now taking place. They prefer to “come out” once the pads come on.

In every case, the players from any of the aforementioned groups may have “signed up” with a given team and then “disappeared”. All of these types of players create the challenge to the “Full Roster” creation process. Similar to the dilemma that Brett Favre presents to the NFL Packers, these players create the same type of “uncertainty” to the creation of a team in our respective leagues. With most leagues set to commence competition in the July time frame, this period of “uncertainty” will probably last until after Memorial Day. To a certain degree, just how each organization deals with this period could win or lose a Championship.

Just so I don't get castrated, I did not mention the group of truly loyal players that each team has. Without these players to form the "working nucleus" of the team, NO TEAM COULD EXIST!

Concerning the Madison County Pirates with myself as Head Coach I have two rosters. This is a system I began using about 20 plus years ago. The first roster I label as my “Potential Roster”. The second I call my “Theoretical Roster”.

The “Potential Roster” lists the names of any player that has completed our “player registration” form. Additionally, it includes players that “supposedly” have told someone in the organization that they plan to play. The “Theoretical Roster” lists the names of players that I feel have shown genuine commitment to play in the given season. It is also the roster that I call my “If I had to play tomorrow players”. It is ONLY from this “Theoretical Roster” that I do ANY planning.

The current Pirate “Potential Roster” lists 35 players. The current Pirate “Theoretical Roster” lists 27 players. 9 of those 27 players are rookies. 1 veteran player of the remaining 18 is new to our system. 4 other veteran players are beginning their second season.

Offensively, we currently have 1 true Offensive Lineman on the “Theoretical Roster”. He is a rookie and undersized (in my humble opinion to face off against a Central Ohio Lions, South Bend Stampede or Miami Valley Panthers type D-Line in 2003). For comparison purposes, the Pirate 2005 Offensive Line featured either 1 or 2 true Offensive Linemen. Curtis Bell was number 1. I am nearly certain that C. B. will not be a part of the 2006 Pirate team. Number 2 was James Wagner and he neither began nor finished with the team in 2005. The other Offensive Linemen were converted from other positions. I do not know if WR David Vance will play with us in 2006. David was hospitalized earlier this year with a serious kidney ailment. FB Josh Terhune has left to form the Indianapolis Dragons. At least tentatively, Joe “Roc” Williams will return to his customary FB spot to replace Terhune. Roc played on the Defensive side last year as our Jack LB. WR Devon Simmons is moving over to the Defense this year. WR Brandon Shipman has committed to play with the South Central Broncos in 2006. Korrie Gillespie returns at QB.

Defensively, DT Conrad Slaughter will not play this year. Slaughter graduated from Ball State and has relocated. NT Kenny West has said that he is retired. There may be a slight chance that he may reconsider. Starting Jill LB Josh Gronberg has left to form the Indianapolis Dragons. Defensemen Darroyl Lowe and Matthew Gaddie will return for the 2006 season. Last year they both played as OLB’s in our 3 – 4 scheme. Depending on our scheme, they could be back as down Defensive Ends. Devon Simmons will join our returning Safety Tandem of Jeff Adams and Marshall Bowman in the Defensive Secondary.

Kicking Specialist Dave Clawson has signed up with The Indianapolis Dragons. We have not replaced him as of this time.

Taking all of the personnel losses into consideration, I believe that it is very premature to assign us with the number 2 ranking.

I expect all of the teams in the IFL to be competitive in 2006. I will not comment on any individual teams save one. I believe that the Classic City Crush will be a very surprising team to some folks. I have been very impressed with both their organization led by Adam Crozier and their Head Coach.

Hope that helps you some.

Re: IFL preseason top

My pre season poll, you can say, was soley based on last years rosters.
I will repost a more updated preseason poll when i get more information. The pirates coach was very helpful and so was the info on the broncos. If any other teams have some new info. I would be obliged. thanks.
Also, I'd like to hear some more news on David Vance in the future.

Re: IFL preseason top

Us former Pirates with you guys the best this year. We know you will get it together like we did last year. The system works. We know you will be in the hunt. Good luck and stay safe.

Re: IFL preseason top

Who is this fastest guy on the Longhorns?

Re: IFL preseason top

I was referring to #2 on the longhorns i Believe... Amos? Is he still playing?

Re: IFL preseason top

1. South Central Broncos
2. Darke County Warriors
3. Madison County Pirates
4. Mercer County Cougers
5. Classic City Crush
6. Kosciosko County Mustangs
7. Hendricks County Generals
8. Noble County Longhorns
St. Joseph Thunder
10.Western Ohio Wranglers

Re: IFL preseason top

Well We will see if Amos is going to play. I haven't seen him yet,but it would be nice to have the guy back. And where did you get that info from?

Re: IFL preseason top

As I have said before, it is a little silly to begin ranking teams now since so little is known about rosters and schedules yet.

When appropriate, I'll weigh in.

Re: IFL preseason top

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