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A Word About Posts and Removal

Now Fellas:

There has been some talk lately about what might be appropriate material for this messageboard and what is not. It seems reasonable that I should now make an effort to be more clear in this respect, though I am confident that my clarification will not solve all of the problems and confusion.

This is one of those situations in which I can see the weight of each side clearly- both have reasonable points of view. As I have said so many times before, the relatively significant traffic here means that I have the unenviable job of creating and maintaining a respectful but vigorous discourse. It means I am charged with making sure this is a place where all folks feel open to share their opinion- however unpopular it might be- but also not to allow things that are patently offensive or slanderous to be ignored.

So this is where we are. My charge is to find the line between what is unpopular and challenges our commonly held assumptions- and what is unnaceptable. Like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said so many years ago when faced with the task of defining pornography: "I cannot always describe it, but I know it when I see it". I have tried and will continue to try to apply a fair and equal measure when exercising my rare responsibility to censor posts- but inevitably someone will feel slighted.

Of course 35 has not been the only problem here, but his behavior is relatively unique. I have had to remove some of Tyler's stuff before because it was just plain gross or offensive- and clearly crossed the line. I do not, myself find most of what he posts funny- and find very little of it worthwhile. I would prefer that he and others post things that are relevant to the mission of this board.

Despite the groundswell of support for the minor league football community that this board has been a part of- many players, teams and even leagues fall short because of poor or inadequate communication. To the extent that all involved would benefit from more relevant and often more valuable information, I am frustrated by constant references to the bizarre and ridiculous. However, those references seldom rise to the level of that which is deserving of censorship. Because those that post the bizarre and irrelevant do not deny those that are interested in making legitimate posts the opportunity to do so, this behavior is seen here as being a relatively minor transgression.

So if not censorship- what is the answer? I can, will, and have hereby challenged all posters and lurkers on this board to use their posts to lift up the game that we all love- to unite us in our common interest rather than divide us in spite- to seek the high road of considered and moral discourse when it might be easier to spew nonsense and vitriol.

For those that choose not to take up the challenge, an alternative course of action is to simply deny the class clowns the attention that they seek. The idiot in the back of the class ceases his antics when the rest of the kids are too engaged to pay attention. So the responsibility is yours as well as mine, kids.

That is all.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch.