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Could be more good news for the Cowboys

Ravens might offer Ed Reed and Ray Lewis to the Cowboys for Roy Williams and Greg Ellis. If this happens I think I will be celibrating all night long.

Re: Could be more good news for the Cowboys

we could get by without greg ellis, but not RW, he is in his last year of hist contract, he actually has 2 more but they got voided. where did you get this info?

Re: Could be more good news for the Cowboys

put out on Dallas fan website from cowboys insider rumor mill. Ed reed can replace roy williams. Both are very comparable players. I think that it is just one of many possible trade talks that the Cowboys are having, but this one is the most blockbuster of the bunch.

Re: Could be more good news for the Cowboys

Ahhh, now there's something I thought I would never see...

Brokeback Football!

A former Chief and a former Rage member gathered together in warm embrace, dancing in the street, in celebration over their beloved "BOYS"!

You guys need to calm down. You now have a "liquored-up kicker" that you will see (Parcells has a very short tolerance of Place-Kickers that miss in the clutch). I know from experience having been a devoted Giants fan.

Also, you still have Drew Bledsoe, who while capable of movement as most adults, has all of the mobility of the Chrysler Building.

If you truly can be happy with a Ravens like football experience (from their Super Bowl year) then you may do well. But do not expect to have to add digits to the scoreboard.


Re: Could be more good news for the Cowboys

Pre-Draft day trade rumors, ya gotta love it.

Here's another one for ya.

The Colts are trying to make a trade with the Bears for RB Thomas Jones. Jones last season became just the second RB in Bears history to rush for more than 1,300 yards. The other being Walter Payton.

As for the Reed and Ray Lewis to the boys rumor. No.

I do not see Baltimore parting with Reed. Comparible as both he and Roy Williams are to each other, Reed is a bonafide game changer. So far Williams biggest claim to fame is breaking T.O.'s leg and having a rule named after him. As for Lewis I could see that for no other reason than this, he's not getting any younger and the hits are piling up much faster than I'm sure he and the Ravens anticipated.

In other news and this was confirmed, free agent Lavar Arrington signs a seven year deal with the New York Giants.

So there might be some validity to this rumor since the Giants made a move and now Jerry has to do his part in the old game of "Keeping up with the Jones'" or in this case "Jones trying to keep up"


Re: Could be more good news for the Cowboys

Coach Hill I enjoy the humor in your post. As has been most of my life I encounter more Cowboy haters than the opposite. It is something I've gotten used to and actually enjoy. Nice joke on the brokeback football by the way. We can discuss coaching philosophies, personnel, draft strategy, etc., etc. I still believe the 'Boys will win the NFC East and run through the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. We'll see who's talkin smack in January.
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