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eyeshield or not???

Anyone have a review on eyeshields. I was thinking about geting one, but most things that look good dont serve a good purpose, or get you in troble. Any thoughts????????????

Re: eyeshield or not???

pump, ill give you my insight. I wore one last season for the sole purpose of i was gettin tired of the incidental eye pokes and nose scratch'n. It did indeed work, however with the heat of the summer it does make it harder to breathe. ALSO, the biggest down side, we played the mustangs and I had a huge collision with a guy and it exploded in pieces. very dangerous and i was very lucky. Could have been a freak thing cuz ive never seen nor heard of one doing that. But if you do get one, get some anti fog cleaner from your local eye glass place... or ask jeeves

Re: eyeshield or not???

IMHO they are not good for linemen. The problem is that sweat drips on them and the dirt and mud will make it hard to see. Since a lineman can sweat in 30 degree weather and we get down on the line sweat drips from our forheads straight onto the faceshield. It is not practical for us. If it is to protect an eye injury the get one for sure and carry a towel if possible.

Re: eyeshield or not???

Thanks for the imput, but one more question. Does the tinting offer any visibility problems????

Re: eyeshield or not???

visibility is not a problem, they offer different shades of tint so you have your pick. now if you spot a nice lookin honey in the stands then you might have to take your helmet off to fet a good look, but on the field of battle no hinderance. I recommend oakley eye shields. goto oakley web site or you can also find them on

Re: eyeshield or not???

I recently purchased one a few weeks ago. I have been running around with it to get the feel for it and I gotta agree that there are no visibility problems at all. The oakley site has a good selection but if you are looking for the darkest you can get (20%) go to the oakley site only allows you to purchase the 60% and all the other colors.

Re: eyeshield or not???

Just some "FYI",

If it has not changed with regards to the latest "Federation" rules for 2006.

"Tinted" eyeshields are not allowed. Every game when we coaches meet with the Officials, one question that always comes up is "...are your players all legally equipped". "Legally", "tinted" is not allowed. It is for safety concerns.

In the case of a head injury i.e. concussion, one quick method of determining severity is to check the pupils of the eye. With "tint", this is more difficult if not in some cases impossible. his tehn means that health personnel must either remove the mask, shield or helmet itself. This may lead to unwanted movement of the head or neck area. More than likely, you have witnessed some event of a game and if you notice, of primaary importance is immobilization of the head and neck.

In the Pro NFL, those fella's have the absolute BEST on-field help available. This includes immediate availability of emergency equipment and personnel. It is this situation only that allows the use of "tint" at their level (I would also suspect that NCAA is similar).

While (as far as I am aware and at least in the IFL), each Home team must provide for qualified athletic trainers. However, though well intentioned, this is not at the same level that our NFL big brothers have available. This was even reported just last year in an article in the Indianapolis Star with regards to area High Schools.

This is a fun game but can obviously be dangerous. Make informed decisions.

Also FYI, several years ago, I had a player who had lost an eye in an (off-field) incident. He still wanted to play. In his case, I only agreed while INSISTING that he wear a shield.

Hope that info helps

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