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Give it a rest!

I am tired of people pissing on our title last year. Here is our roster from last year. Take a close look. Of our front seven on Defense there were NO I repeat NO, Former Tornados on itDee Bostic subbed in some but the majority of the playing was Tim Boyd, Kyle Harbaugh, Me, Kevin Kinnee, Jimmie Kinnee, Kurt Engleking, and Andy Hatfield. Ryan Smoot and Zach Pugh did not continue to play with the Tornados after their third game of the season and were convenced to come down and play with us. They were not Tornados at the time of their folding. Jason Mack, Larry Bland, and Heath Johnson all played for us in our first game with the Generals. So they would have been eligible to play for us no matter how the Tornados did. That leaves six players, who according to the League rules had to play in one of your teams games by mid season to be eligible for the playoffs.(as was explained to us) That game was up in LeGrange the same day that the Tornados folded. I played with a lot of these players the last three years with the Tornados and they were good players who wanted to play the game still. I was in the van with Coach when they called. They were told that if they wanted to play with us they had to get to the game and play at least one play or they were not eligible to play after that. These players drove from Carmel to LeGrange so that they would be able to play with us. WE FOLLOWED THE LEAGUE RULES AND WE ENDED UP WINNING THE IFL CHAMPIONSHIP. Get over it. You do not want to hear us out, every time we try and explain it we are told what ever and Blah blah. These are the facts. If we were not following the rules then we would have not been allowed to play. Thank You Scorp #69 for beating a dead horse and Crapping on our championship.

1 Wayne Pelfrey
2 DJ Nuetzman
3 Rob Harmon
4 Kevin Kinnee
5 Jody Davis
6 Nick Anderson
7 Bruce Rochelle
8 Rondell Ferguson Came from Tornados
9 Mickey Coomer
10 Myles Kelley
11 Keith Fechtman
12 Ryan Smoot Quit the Tornados after the third game of the season and came to us after some convencing
13 Bobby Burton Came from Tornados, after starting the preseason with us
15 Phil Maddox
17 Josh White Came from Tornados
20 Billy Poland
21 Chris Trump Came from Tornados
25 Les Callen
26 Rodney Harvey Came from Tornados, after starting the preseason with us
28 Richard Smith
31 Ryan Brown
33 Brian Eastridge
34 Tony Nasser
35 Harold Elerbie
36 Kurt Engelking
37 Pat Wilson
40 Chuck Foga
43 Jimmie Kinnee
44 Ron Lanfair
45 Andy Hatfield
48 Andy Foist
49 Sean Foley
51 Tim Boyd
52 Dee Bostic
55 Cody Harbaugh
56 Nick Foley
58 Kazmin Bowen
61 Kyle Harbaugh
63 Bubba Coleman
65 Allen Moulton
67 Jason Skaggs
70 Owen Neil
72 Chris Johnson
73 Zach Pugh Quit the Tornados after the third game of the season and came to us after some convencing
78 Larry Bland Came from Tornados , Played in First game of the season
80 Mark Stephens Came from Tornados
81 Robert Hamilton
82 Dexter Stallworth Came from Tornados
83 Mark Boehnlein
84 David Moore
85 Mike Catherson
95 Les Robinson
98 Heath Johnson Came from Tornados, Played in First game of the season Did not play in Championship
99 Robby Johnson
0 Jason Mack Came from Tornados, Played in First game of the season

Re: Give it a rest!

Sometimes people only see what they want, hear what they want.

There are a few people in this message board who obviously need put up for sainthood for there unbelievable will power.

I also would like to add that we didn't get
J Mack

From the Tornados, we loaned them to them.

Of course
J Mack
Ryan S.

All played at some level of semi pro before hand. Most of them with the 2000 Broncos.

I guess we were stacking up our team in 2000 as well. I don't know.

69 feels that he is right in his convictions. He is entitled to his opinion.

You won't change that.

I say anyone who has this opinion though devalues the rest of the team by pointing out the few we added.


Re: Give it a rest!

I guess Im a little confused about all this hubalub...

Is it not the goal of every team to go out and find players, convince them to play the game for free (actually have to pay player fees to play), and get the best players possible? Since when in Semi-pro ball are you to sit in your closet and only use your exclusive club players that happen to show up? Recruiting good players makes or breaks teams. Having those also makes the league better. There were some incredible games down the stretch and into the playoffs. We, the Broncos, did not wipe every team off the face of the earth. I had great respect for the Pirates, the Mustangs, and the Warriors. They all were very capable of beating us and competed at an extremely high level. The Pirates specifically had 2 games in the book except for some last second heroics and a great bounce of the ball in the first, and some guy getting lucky and hitting a 46 yd. field goal in the second... :)

I for one look forward to each team going out, getting the best players available, and competeing once again in some of the most enjoyable games Ive ever been a part of. Good luck to the entire IFL and we know a target will be on the back of the Broncos. I am excited about defending the Championship and seeing each team play its best against us...

Humans will be humans I guess....


The Guru

Re: Give it a rest!

I didn't hear anyone complaining in 2004 when the Broncos were getting there heads kicked in.

I guess that was okay.

Re: Give it a rest!

A championship is a championship, you won it, congradulations, and you seemed to win it with-in the IFL rules. I have zero problems with the Bronco's championship last year and the people that do, they will look for things and stories to put the champions and your championship down. I also feel that some of the things or stories you might be hearing might because of your own doing.

Lets say I start my own team, and I get accepted in the IFL. Lets say I got the sponserships or finacial backing to pay my players by the game. I also have the connections to provide my team with juice, since the IFL doesn't have a steriods abuse policy. And futher more, with my connections, I attract good college and some "retired" pro football players to my team. If I annouced all this on a league forum through out the season, inwhich all with-in the rules, and I go and win the IFL championship, what would others say about me and my team?

The point is, last year, before the season ever started, about every thread was Broncos, talking about the "fastest show on grass". I was SO interested in all the talk, I went to three of your preseason games, including the one against the Lions. Second, all the player changes was announced, I still call you guys the Broncados because that is what you guys was calling yourself. One member of your organization ask if your name should be changed to "Broncados" or "Tornacos". With making yourself and your changes the center of attenion in Supa-land, even if everything was with-in the rules, I can see where some might think they were "robbed" of a championship.

Like I said, I have zero problems with the Broncos, Tornacos, Broncados or whatever name you perfer. You had the right connections and took full advantage of it and I would of done the same. The only thing I would of done different, I wouldn't of got on Supa-land and "smeared everyone's nose in it". Too be totally honest, we, the Generals, signed, I do believe, 8 Tornado players after the "fold". We even gained their starting quaterback and their coach. It was done before the deadline, all with-in the rules, and it was short coming. After two weeks, we lost 6 out of the 8 that signed and lost the coach, guess Danville was too much of a drive for them. The point is, in that two week spell, we didn't get on here and advertise it, or call ourselves the Generado's. I bet all this was news to most.

This is in no means is meant to be disrespectful to you Matt, or any other member of the Bronco's organization, just an observation from somebody elses shoes. I once again, have zero problems with the Broncos or their championship and wish them the best of luck to repeat again this year. I am just happy that we, the Generals, beat the "Fastest Show on Grass" the first game of the regular season!


Re: Give it a rest!

Actually the Broncados name was in response to all of the Moaning about us bringing on players. We were called to the floor about it and responded to it in a joking matter. Hell it started even before the season began. Everyone was talking about how we added 10 or 15 players from the Tornados and stacked the team and we were getting an unfair advantage from the start. Even at our first game some of the Generals were calling out the former Tornados on the field. I even remember after the game some players saying that even with the Tornados, you could not beat us. This was all before the fold of the Tornados. It would not have been an issue if we were not called out on it. I think we were open about it just so people would not try and say we cheated, but even after the season ended we still get the crap. It just burns me for somebody come on here and say the Mustangs are the "real" champions. Is he entitled to his opinion yes, but he needs to know the facts and stop with the BS about how we cheated to win or the Mustangs were cheated. I do not hear the Mustangs complaining. Many of us who went to the failed experment that was the Tornados just returned home. To a league that we had fun in and did not have to travel a minimum of 3 hours for a road game.

Re: Give it a rest!

I was at that game and WE LOST hands down no question we were beat!!! And in my opinion that is all that matters. the mustangs made many mistakes, and the bronco's were not unbeatable in that game. I also think that both teams were evenly matched, had we not had all the turnovers the outcome may, I REPEAT MAY, have been diffrent. Now that 2006 is here everyone need so look to the future and not dwell on the past. the only discussion we have on that game is how we are not gonna make those mistakes again...

Broncos 2005 IFL Champs
And I hope that both the Broncos and the Mustangs get to meet again in 06 championship but with a diffrent outcome SORRY I GUESS IM JUST BIASED

Re: Give it a rest!

You have a dang good squad 72, you guys are the real deal. I could easily see you guys in it again.

Re: Give it a rest!

I just want everyone to know I played for the KC Mustangs last year, and I decided to play for the Crush in November so I know everyone will make a big deal over me switching teams since I am so AWSOME!! But just shut up because the Crush's 2006 IFL championship is still legite and you just jealous you don't have me on your team. If you have any problems with this let's get it in the open now so I don't have to defend myself after we win the championship.

Re: Give it a rest!

Ogre, was there sarcasm in that?

Re: Give it a rest!

Crush 99 IS TRYING TO STEAL BUY PLAYERS FOR HIS TEAM!!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!! HE OFFERED ME FREEM POPCORN AND POP AT HALFTIME IF I CAME AND PLAYED WITH HIM!!!!!! HE ALREADY BOUGHT OGERMAN77 FROM US(poor guy just likes popcorn and pop too much for his own good)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Give it a rest!

What all's I get is Pop and Popcorn at half time!!! thats outrageous!!! I thought he said I would look so good in my uniform that I could get any woman I wanted I think he even said something about Mustang#35's momma!!

Re: Give it a rest!

The title of the post is "give it a rest". Broncos and Brotherhood, there is no need to continue to respond to such foolishness. People are going to have their opinions. You guys do not need to continue to defend yourselves, your team and your championship. You won it and everyone in the IFL knows you won it. Don't worry about it. You have the trophy!

Re: Give it a rest!

Some people just need something to talk about. Like all the guys who want to meddle in someone else's business, but as soon as someone says something about their business they get all defensive. Don't air your dirty laundry out (or clean for that matter) on a public forum (especially if you don't want anyone talking about it), quit acting like you are better than others, and just talk about some football! Obviously some people come on here and just want to complain, talk about other players/teams/leagues, and start stuff.... Why was this forum even set up??

Re: Give it a rest!

Well, it was started so that people could come on here and complain, talk about players, teams, leagues, and other stuff. Talk about football, among other things. Again, if you don't like what you are reading close the thread or exit the board.

Re: Give it a rest!


Congrazts on LAST YEAR's Championship. I dont know why people still care about it, it was LAST YEAR! who cares. People should pull there ass's out of their heads. and focus on this years. THATS WHAT THE KC MUSTANGS ARE DOING! A.K.A. 2006 IFL CHAMPIONS