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Now, back to football !!!!!

ive been reading a bit on this forum, a little about religion, something about the cowboys, teams recruiting other teams players (or something like that, but lets face it, we all share the same it dosent really matter what else is going on, cause on the field only one thing matters, where is the pigskin? on that note, has everyone started practice yet? we have, and i realized how out of shape my big butt is. how bout the rest of you? i know im not the only one

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

Our team message board gets at least 4 posts a day.

We had practice two Sat. ago and we had no posts on Sunday after practice.

The fellas were tired, I think they found out the same thing you did.

We go this Saturday two sessions.

Then Mon. and Thursday or Tues./ Thursday dependant on what the team wants after this Saturday.

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

The Michiana Titans Start up on May 2nd...Offense
Defense May 3rd and Team on Thursday the 4th.
Rookies have been going at it for 2 weeks now...

Its that time fellas...

Good luck to all...

Even J.C.(Sabers) and Brian (Lions)

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

The mustangs have been at it since April first, we have been worked hard, now this weekend is are first full contact practice. I cant wait to hit the "noobs".

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

Flyers have been at it since march 18th. Believe it or not, we actually have a game in 16!!!! days. Hopefully we will be ready...long trip to Detroit ahead.

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

Pirates have had 3 workouts. The final April workout is this coming Sunday.

You can check out some of the practice action here:


Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

The Sabers started practice back on April the 3rd and things are look good. Good luck to all the teams this year, and looking forward to the Sabers/Titans game this year.

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

Well I have been sitting on my but, watching TV and doing as little as possible. (RIGHT) I think some where in there I got to practice and hit alittle.
Frazier # 72 back in action...

PS...Mr. Hill I would like to come visit DH80 in the nursing home can I have directions??????

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

wow, guess i better spend a little more time outside training rather than training my x-box football team, haha. the DC Warriors have there first full pad practice this sunday (low to mid 60's, just don't get better than that).

Re: Now, back to football !!!!!

Harold I didn't know that you could get one of those power chairs in a 4XL. Best of all I' didn't cost me one red cent!