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Lately it seems like everytime we turn around someone is posting a tragedy on these boards (Mike Edgar, Force of Illinois; Art Cummings, Mich. Twisters/Jackson Bombers; Jamar Whatley, Akron Jagz)! It is truly unfortunate!!! Through this thing we call "Semi-Pro," we have all expanded our "sphere" which includes associates, friends, and family greatly... And although that "sphere" is constantly changing, some things remain constant- we all have suffered losses in our lives in the past, and we will all be forced to suffer losses in the future.... And I can say that no matter what the circumstances that surround those changes, I know that I would shed tears for every person that I have lined up with. A big reason for that is that those very seem people have helped me get through and deal with my own personal tragedies. Prayers go out to each and every person that has had to deal with this sort of thing.