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hey ive been hearng that the southern indiana titans might not have a team this year. so how will the schedule go if they dont have a team this year... cause ive been hearing they dont have anybody coming out there at all and they only have like 13 guys showing up to there practice

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This is the same information I am hearing as well. I wish them luck, but things don't look too good at this point.

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I believe that it a little too early to make those kind of assumptions.
If they have 13 showing up at practice now, they're not doing too badly. The most we have been able to get at a practice thus far is 15. Although we do have about 10 more committed players, and new interest each week. Work and family schedules have been tough to work around this early in the season.
I have spoken with Andy from the Titans and I don't think that any of the rest of the MFL is overly concerned with the status of the Titans or any other team in our league at this point.
If and when there is a change that needs to be communicated, I will be sure to let evryone know.
Thanks for your interest and concern,
"Winners make things happen, losers let them happen. Which are you?"

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Just wondering if you guys would be interested in doing something preseason against us?
Keith Maloy

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I would definitely be open to the possibility. Do you have a field available to you that early? We would have to modify a soccer field if we were to try to host anything before our playing season opens.
But you know, it wouldn't be the first time.
What weekend did you have in mind?
email or call me and we can discuss details.


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some one, welcome to the MFL bud!

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some one,

News is looking better for the Titans. They are looking for good lineman just like everyone else. I do not know a team that isn't. To early to tell yet. First year is always tough.

Good Luck SI Titans,

Scorpions #69

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Just as in years past, the MFL has allowed teams to join that may not even field a team, just like what happened with the Cougars last year. Go ahead 69, tell us about how God himself has assured you that the MFL is better than everybody else

Maybe he'll help you fix the schedule this year once the fiasco starts!

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Rumor has it Cougars are done. There QB is playing for Wolf. Is this true?
Keith Maloy

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Wow, here we go again.
Rafferty, One question, IF a team that has been accepted into the MFL is unable to field a team at the start of the season, you are affected how?

Beef, yes the Patriots have picked up one of the QB's from the Cougars. He came to me a couple of weeks ago, said he didn't want to play back-up in R.C. and asked if we would give him an opportunity. The answer was, DUH... since that was our Achilles heel last year, hell yeah we'll give the kid a shot!

Keep 'em comin boys, I live for this!

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I think that the titans will be fine. I hope so cuase we play them twice and i dont want to lose two games.
Good luck to all the teams in all the leagues

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I have never said the MFL is better than any league.

I just am tired of the BS you keep posting. The IFL has issues just like all of the leagues do. I called out Brotherhood, because he had to start crap with the Dragons.

Broncos are the IFL champs, Brotherhood, but when you take shots at other teams you open up yourself up to attacks and criticism. Lets put an end to the little rumor game, and keep it to football.

Now Beef is starting with the Cougars like usual, however Beef does have a reasonable issue with Zeb, understood. I do not defend Zeb on that one. Zeb does not have the best track record, but he has improved. The Cougars did do pretty well last season. Cougars were the Scorps only regular season lose. Wolf, I am still trying to figure out how that happened?

Pats vs Warriors would be a good game. Watchout for the special teams!!! Warriors are a well coached team. I will come and watch that game.

Gary why do you have an issue with the MFL? Do you play in the league or what? What does it matter to you?

Here is the reality of what the MFL is doing. Players in Peru, Wabash, Indy (Dragons), and Southern Indiana have an opportunity to play this game we all love. All of the IFL and MFL teams can not take or play all of these players. I am proud of that fact and looking forward to playing the new teams. Some of the teams are developing which is great. The Scorps and Patriots are MFL start up teams!!!

Wolf maybe we should fold the teams to make these guys happy, hmmmm.

Maybe we should talk to the other teams and fold the MFL league, so these guys will stop with the little rumor game, hmmmm.

What the Hell is the issue?

Just curious,

Scorpions #69

PS Supa watchout the Pats have a QB. That does concern me. I hear he is getting some players. Damn you Wolf. Just can't stand to lose to the Scorps can you, lol. I knew you would reload this season. Look forward to the match up!!!!!! It will be a battle!!!! Is 78 still playing, because I will miss hitting him? He's his like family.

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yeah, he sends his love, something bout wnting me to give you a kiss... or did he say kick? bad cell connection.
Hell no I can't stand losing to the Scorps, bitter rivalry and all that stuff, you know.
I just got home from practice, my fingers are sore, I can hardly type. Oh, no that's just lack of ability. I was worried for a minute.
I would like to announce my official resignation from both the A.C. Patriots and the Midwest Football League. I will be turning the reins over to Mr. Matt Hansel, that way when the Patriots beat the Scorps he can still call himself a winner! WHATEVER!
I knew I should've stayed down after that 2nd shot to the head.

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Part of the reason I love this setting and Semi pro is for the rumors. It is part of the game. I have no ill will towards anyone who does this for the love of the game. But with that said the rumors are fun to listen to and talk about. Now on the Cougars note I live right around the corner from where they practice and I have yet to see them at their practice facility at the times posted on the website. I am just being curious. Also I do not understand why the flyers would agree to a game with the cougars. This will not help them in anyway. But I am going to be there because it will be entertaining.
Keith Maloy

PS Wolf I am working on a Date and place right now. I am going to do everything I can to make this happen. It will be good for both our squads.

PSS Controversy and rumors are 2 things I thrive on!!!!