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early season predictions??

supa, we the flyers have a preseason game on sat. any predictions, or are you saving those for the regular season. Ft.Wayne Flyers @ Detroit Metro Saints MLFA preason game

Re: early season predictions??

Silly kid Supa doe's pic's on thursday's

Re: early season predictions??

That may be true, but damn I cant ready for another season from the sup-a-man. JC#29

Re: early season predictions??

I hear ya....lets get this season going......

Ft Wayne by 12....

I predict that the Michiana Titans will be the #1 Team in Michigan in the MSFL

Re: early season predictions??

Hey #88:

I have an unwritten policy not to make any predictions in the month of May. Too many factors are still unknown.

I do, however, want to wish you luck and ask that you let us know how it goes. Of course I am sure that you know that the Saints are no joke- not the Seminoles- but no joke.

Good luck, enjoy that trip up I-69, and make sure to share as much info as you can when you get back.

Re: early season predictions??

flyers pretty much controlled the game from the start with a couple turnover created by the defense, putting us in good position to score. 17-0 at the end of the 1st, and 23-0 at halftime. After the half the rain really picked up and it got a little sloppy for both teams. Flyers went up 38-0 to end the third. a fumbled exchange on a handoff was returned for a T.D. by the saints, and they followed that up with a score with about a min. left. overall we looked pretty good being so early, but have much to work on...with Lima, Grand Rapids, and the Knights still on the schedule

Re: early season predictions??

Lima Warriors 20
Col. Cowboys 0