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So how is everything going with all the teams out there in football county?


From the sounds of things.....
It sounds like we will all be getting wet for the next couple of days....

Rain means one thing.....
Run the ball


That means linemen get to do something, besides put on a half pass rush to avoid the QB


To whom it may concern:

The Kosciusko county mustangs are very young this year. We have lost alot of our vetern talent and are struggling to find an identity for ourselves this year. Jon Hill, Nick Bolesky, Russel Albert, and Damien Richardson four of our teams staples over the past two years are not returning for the 06 season. Mike Whitaker is pulling a Brett Favre on us this year and has told us that he will not make a decision until June 15. Our only hope is that some of these young players will be able to step up this season and make a major contribution.

So in conclusion the Mustangs are right in the middle of a "rebuilding year". But win or lose we just want to play.

Andy Crisp
K.C. Mustangs


i herd that the c.c. soldiers are going to fold does anyone know if there is truth to this?
I herd a few went to join a new team in indy.


I am very pleased with the way things are going right now for the DC Warriors. Practices have been good. I hope this is to VAGUE for everyone. hahahaha

Keith Maloy

PS If you want to know how we are doing come to one of our practices 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Sundays.


I heard Whitaker took some pretty bad hits last year. Thats why he might not be coming back. Is there any truth to this? Is he getting happy feet?


Same old S#&% "we are rebuilding so don't count on us to beat anybody"!!!
Broncos have only 3 players and no field and no money so you will all prob kill us!!!
Have a good season!!!
If you can come out to see the "Farewell Tour" of Patty37 this season coming to a field near you very soon!!!

Much Love to all who play,


Yo Patty,
Damn it's been a LONG time since you been on here!
Hey man I got plenty of spots open for old dudes like us on my roster, so if you want to drive a million miles to play, c'mon up! You can help me teach the youngsters a little bit bout the game!


Man, man, man!

Evidently, evertbody has taken to the Lou Holtz philosophy of "Monkey Management".

Beef at least is saying that he is very pleased with everything going on in Warriors Camp.

3 Players Patty? please! DEFENDING IFL CHAMPS! Ain't NOBODY gonna buy that!

The Mustangs. Young and rebuilding? QB pulling a Brett Favre? I think I remember somebody posting up saying that the Mustang O-Line was going to "average" 320! AND, last years IFL Runner-ups!

The Cougar Camp is quiet as always. But we KNOW they are going to be TOUGH! #4, #5 and #7. That's all you have to say.

The Generals are always pretty quiet too.

I can't say to much about "The Horns" and Thunder. Did not play 'em last year. I do know that I expect The Crush to be tough. Just knowing the area, The Thunder should be tough.

We are limpin along and hope to be up to a level to compete by season's onset.

Good Luck to all


Pat was a bit off with his numbers, but not by a large margin.

Effort is what we are preaching in Broncotown. It has been pretty hit or miss (mostly miss) since we started practicing.

We hope to have it fixed pretty soon, we want to be in a groove come IFL season.

According to this new team in Bloomington we are a bunch of soft punks who are afraid to step foot on a field with them, so who knows.


So, what happened with Mike Whitaker? I see the Indy Dragons have him listed on their roster. Just wondering...



Not the same guy . Mike for us is a DB.


We are looking ok/good. Like i said this is my first year as a head coach in this league so i dont know what to go off of. We get good numbers at practice and the players work hard. We have alot to work on but the players are willing to work and learn.
I think the Dragons should be able to at least compete with some of the teams in the MFL. I have been told that the Wildcats & Bears are two damn good teams. The Titans are in a good area to get players.
The chargers have been together for a while and they got a good QB in DAN Z. The south should be a dog fight, its any teams to win. good luck to all the teams in all the leagues.


Well,well,well, whats ups fellas? Hope everyone is good in supafan land.
Just thought i would drop a few lines on a few teams.
The defendin champs the broncos are not getting great numbers at practice but things will shape up for them in a few weeks at least i think so.
The Mustangs lossin four key players hurt and with the QB playing the role of Brett it is hard to keep the timin with the WR down, they should be fine.
The Two new teams i have not been able to get any info on so i have to keep digin.
The Wrangles will be much improved, new year new players to build on. the warriors should compete for the championship.
The Cougars are the cougars not deep in numbers but play well as a team and should be right in the mix of things.
The Pirates will not be the same team this year with the loss of all the players that MR. HILL said left.
I cant see a team replacin all those players in one offseason, They will be in every game buy im not sure how many they will pull out.
The Generals Could be the WILD CARD this year. New players to go along with the core players could mean big things for this team. Also new coaching setup this year, they just might shock a few people.
The Longhorns will open some eyes as well.

Well the champs seem to be in good shape to do it twice.I Know they have some very good talent and they would fit in the IFL really good.
The Pats are not getting good numbers at practice but they play well as a team and low numbers are what they are use to dealin with. They could be in the championship game. One team that evey one in the MFL better look out for is the Scorps, man this team should be in the IFL a big strong well coached team watch out its their year.
I do not have info on the chargers or the Sting or the Blitz but if the blitz are the old bulldogs then they should be damn good.
The Titans are a new team that is callin out the broncos thats not a good move, hard pressed for players i seen that they was asking for player from any team. Talent is alaround them all they have to do is go get'em. The dragons a new team as well is a funny team to deal with. They have made coaching changes already that cant be good but they seem to have talent time will tell what this team is albout.
DA BEARS OHHH YEEEAAHHH!!!!!! MFL CHAMPS YOU SEE WHAT IM WRITIN. This league is to small for DA BEARS and they should make a quick and easy work of all teams but the WILDCATS AND SCORPS.
well good luck and fix da spellin if you want.


I love the Short and sweet description of the Longhorns Rep. Thanks


That was worthless. You could have gotten all that information just off of reading these posts. IFLSP, give us something we can't read on here. There are no bold predictions in your post and no new information. You better pick it up if you want to compete with Supa.