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Teams that Match up

Since I have been aroud Semi Pro Football I have seen some good match ups, Whats yours? Mine are as follows,
Madison County Chiefs vs Morgan County Broncos 2000
Elkhart County Grizzlies vs Madison County Chiefs 2001
SouthBend Stampede vs Madison County Chiefs 2002
SouthBend Stampede vs COL 2003
SouthBend Stampede vs COL 2004
COL vs Cleveland Lions Game #1 what a game...I was sore for a few days after that.
I would like to see the 2000 Bronco's or Chiefs Face the COL or Stampede of 2002 or 2003...
Teams this year I would like to see face are Knights vs Lima Warriors or Flyers vs Michiana Titans I think these games are on....Good Luck to all Teams this year........Frazier 72

Re: Teams that Match up

Frazier I played on the 2000 Bronco team and I actually officiated one of your 2002 games.

I hate to admit it, but your team had some serious depth as far as I could tell and you were very big and strong up front defensively. I would give your team the nod. It would be a good game for sure.

We had little to no depth whatsoever. A really good team would have wore us down blow for blow in the end. The Rage were very close to it in the Championship game, they were really a very good team.

Re: Teams that Match up

not quite sure of the year, but the Xplosion travled up to South Bend in the first round of nationals, with several Fort Wayne guys on your squad, made for an interesting game. very competitive, i dont remember the final score, pretty low scoring i believe, but i know we had the ball going in for the go ahead score with less than a min. to play, and your D came up with a few very big stops.

Re: Teams that Match up

I got that game on tape, 13-6 was the final..
Frazier 72

Re: Teams that Match up

Since getting involved at this level as a coach, I have been a part of MORE than several great games.

1997, my first year as HC of the Chiefs, there were
the 3 games with the old Indy Tornados. The 1st game was a bear. It was 113 degree heat index that day. they beat us.

Indianapolis Tornados 20
Madison County Chiefs 18

The rematch at our house was not like I thought it was going to be. The schools lawn crew had failed to mow so the grass was a lot taller than I expected. Because of that, I thought it would be a low scoring game. Boy was I wrong. It was a barn-burner. Derek Hawthorne at QB was a tough one. We lost.

Indianapolis Tornados 56
Madison County Chiefs 50

The 3rd game was the 2nd round of the playoffs. I don't remember the score but we won that one.

1998 saw us get it on with the Morgan County Broncos. Every game was a tough one. Seems to me we seemed to always split. One year they would beat us at our house, then we would beat them at theirs. The next year 1999 was just the opposite. They finally got our number in 2000, beat us three times.

Then there was the 4 Overtime game versus the Randolph County Rage in 2002 I think. I don't remember the final score. We developed a great rivalry with them that seems to have carried over with the Warriors and Pirates.

Then there are the games that ole' 72 mentioned.

I saw the Championship Game in 2003 betwen the Stampede and COL. That was a great game to watch.

Yep. Olden's but goodins'


Re: Teams that Match up

Semi-Pro Football has had some great changes in the past few years and of course some great games. I have been around this sport since 1999 and I think its going in the right direction. I'm glad to say I play this game.
One thing for all you old guys out there check this out.

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