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Bobby and Brandt Huttis of the Lima Warriors
« on: May 20th, 2006, 3:45pm » Quote Modify

Were in an accident today enroute to our scrimmage with the Columbus Blackhawks. Both are recovering in the hospital, but Brandt had to have some additional surgery. Please keep both of them in your prayers


Update: Part 2
Bobby is out of ICU and is on the 8th floor. He should get out tomorrow or at the latest tuesday. They said he may be out for 4-6 weeks. Brandts surgery went well and he is getting better. He was sleeping pretty much all day and they are not to sure on when he may get out. They said he may be out 4-6 weeks also. All in all they both may be done for the season possible due to the fact they both suffered concusions and the possibilitys of another on is a great risk when you play a contact sport. They both are on the 8th floor right across the hall from each other. You can call or stop up there pretty much anytime.


Hope , the guy's recover, we will pray for them ,and let it be a lesson to all of us that life is very short, and you never know when you will have to quit playing , it is all god's will ,geet well soon boy's


Don't think this is a joke i am very serious. Everytime someone hears that i play football they ask if i am scared of getting hurt. I tell them no i know i am more likely to get into a car accident then seriously hurting myself playing football. I just want to tell eveyone to have a great season in what ever league you are in but most of all because of the traveling that all of us have to do on our own expense please travel safely. And i don't mean that us football players drive bad but i want everyone to be aware of those drivers that don't care about you or me.


How about an update on their recovery?


Posted by Bobby Huttis on the Warriors Message Board:

Well, here's the update! I was released from the Hospital on Monday night and Brandt was released on Tuesday night! So, we are both out and look forward to the day that we can reunite with our family on the football field. It might take a lil time, but we will return, you can bet ur ass on it!

Accident details:

We were on 117 and a woman was oncoming and tried to turn in front of us onto 501. Well, there was obviously no room for her to so. She tried to make the turn anyway, and all I can remember is sayin oh nuts as I knew we were gonna wreck. I swerve to try and miss her and not T Bone her car n kill her on impact. So we ended up catchin part of her car n glancing off and hitting a telephone as well. We were estimated to be goin 60mph and she was est. at 45mph.

When we hit her we of course hit the windshield and my chest broke the steering wheel off and made it point up towards the sky! Well, when we hit the pole on the passenger side, it came into Brandt's door and his head struck the pole and he has cuts n stitches on his head from it. Brandt suffered more external injuries than I did as we both have stitches in our right eyebrow and cuts all over our face n body..but he has stitches on his head where the pole ripped his skin off to his skull. And he has stitches on his neck where it looks like someone tried to give him a smiley face! I have a lacerated spleen and a collapsed lung as well! So, it was quite a battle we went through in the car! They had to cut our uniforms off of both of us which can be replaced. My dad was all shooken up b/c he still doesnt know how either one of us survived the accident or not even have a broken bone. He had to get our stuff out of the car and about lost it. Said there was only enough room for someone like 4 feet tall to survive in. We werent wearing our seat belts...but thats what saved our lives. By not wearing them we didnt end up like the seats and pushed forward and folded n half. Thats a lil more descriptive of what happened! As the weak may have crumbled...the WARRIORS emerged from the wreckage!

They both will make a full recovery.

Coach Parkins