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What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

I know of one Flyers vs Cougars. Who else is playing?

Frazier 72

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

Is this really going to happen? If so can someone post the time and place.
Thanks Keith

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

Which cougar's???

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

Randolph County Cougars

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

That was a good one!

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

i must say going off years past, with their track record of not showing up, and just my gut feeling, i would say there will be no game. i hope to be proven wrong, but i guess we will wait and see. i would think someone from their team would respond either on here or the mfl site.....but its nothing but silence

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

...and PIGS CAN FLY!!!

As Jackie Gleason said in the movie "Smokey and the Bandit"...


Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

i'm sure you will, but just in case could you Flyers please keep us in the loop about this game, I know if it happens I for one shall be in attendance, Just wanna be sure it's "Game on".

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

Last word I heard is the game is off

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

Hardin County (KY) Wolverines vs. Western Kentucky Punishers

4 p.m. (EST) Saturday, May 27

at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Louisville , Ky. (home of the University of Louisville football team)

Appearances by Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders as well as grammy-nominated rap/hip-hop ensemble Nappy Roots

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

If our game is off then why dont someone else step up and play us on saturday.... Any Takers?????
Frazier 72 Flyers

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?

Just get ready for your game on the 24th of june thats the one you need to be preparing for. The WARRIORS are coming to get a W in the Fort.


Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?


make sure to let us know how the game comes out. one would expect it to be a blowout....

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?


Will do as far as reporting.

Two of the state's biggest television stations (FOX and CBS affiliates in Louisville) came out to practice to promote the game.

Game was also mentioned in a column in the state's biggest newspaper.

Expected crowd of more than 6,000 (largest ever-crowd for a men's semi-pro game in the state, we believe).

Forecast for Saturday afternoon: Slight breeze, 85 degrees and sunny.

Re: What Teams Have Games This Weekend?
SEMI-PRO FOOTBALL: Wolverines cruise to 47-6 win at PJCS

LOUISVILLE — Heading into Saturday’s first Wolverine Classic, the Hardin County Wolverines were 3-0 in season-opening games.

The Wolverines weren’t about to make things any different this season as they thumped the Western Kentucky Punishers, 47-6 at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

“I thought we had a good performance,” Wolverines’ wide receiver/quarterback Dewayne Whittfield said. “It wasn’t our best performance, but it was a solid performance.”

Early on, the Wolverines (1-0) didn’t look like an Ohio Valley Football League championship contender. They had incomplete passes, multiple penalties and struggled to move the ball on the ground.

“We started off kind of rusty,” Wolverines’ defensive back Jason Bradley said.

To add to their rough start, the Punishers intercepted Wolverines’ quarterback Kendrick Johnson and returned it 65 yards for a touchdown less than three minutes into the game, but Hardin County defensive end Chris Pyles blocked the point-after try.

“I had hurt my thumb two plays earlier and I kind of shot putted it out there,” Johnson said. “As soon as I threw it, I saw the dude coming across the middle of the field and thought, “Oh man.’”

Two possessions later, Johnson n who finished 10-of-16 passing for 221 yards n helped even the score with a 58-yard touchdown completion to Michael Skies, who had two receptions for a game-high 80-yards.

From then on, the Wolverines continued to impress the crowd of more than 1,800, which included University of Louisville football star running back Michael Bush.

After a missed field goal, the Wolverines scored on their next four possessions on a 2-yard run by former Elizabethtown star fullback Adrian “A.D.” Starks, a 32-yard pass from Johnson to ex-Panther Dee Hardin, a 1-yard run by newly acquired running back Ronnie Stoner and a 45-yard pass from Johnson to All-American wide receiver Brett Sheckles.

Up 33-6, the Wolverines tacked on two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter on Stoner’s second scoring run and a 6-yard run by former Elizabethtown running back Marquee Simpson.

Playing without its top halfback, former Elizabethtown and Western Kentucky player Tyran Robertson, and three starting linemen, the Wolverines’ backfield still outgained the Punishers, 162-95.

Former LaRue County kicker Casey Clark missed a 30-yard field-goal attempt, but rebounded by hitting his final five extra-point attempts. He averaged 54 yards on his eight kickoffs.

The Wolverines amassed 413 yards on 58 plays, while Hardin County’s defense limited the Punishers to 112 yards on 31 plays. The Wolverines’ defense came up with five turnovers as Jamar Tillman, Craig Murphy and former Elizabethtown star Chris Williams had interceptions and Shauwn Marshall and ex-Meade County player Jason Degutis recovered fumbles.

Bradley added a kickoff fumble recovery.

Winning games is not much of a surprise for the Wolverines, whose all-time winning percentage is better than .750, but winning in PJCS was more than just their usual win.

“It was a dream come true,” Bradley said. “It was a hell of an experience. I always wanted to play for Louisville or Kentucky, but that didn’t happen. It was truly a dream come true.”

UP NEXT: The Wolverines play the Nashville (Tenn.) Storm on Saturday afternoon. The game is tentatively scheduled to be played at West Hardin Middle School in Stephensburg.

Catherine LaRoche can be reached at 769-1200, Ext. 243
SEMI-PRO FOOTBALL OPINION: Wolverine's Degutis finds a job right out of high school

LOUISVILLE — For most men’s semi-pro football players, it took them a couple of years out of high school before they became involved in the sport.

Jason Degutis is an exception to the rule and the Hardin County Wolverines are thankful for that.

On Wednesday, Degutis competed in his last meet with the Meade County High School boys’ track and field team and on Friday night, he graduated.

It sure didn’t take him long to find a job as he helped the Wolverines to a 47-6 win over the Western Kentucky Punishers on Saturday afternoon in the first Wolverine Classic at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

“He’s fresh meat,” joked Wolverines’ president Kendrick Johnson, who’s also the team’s quarterback. “His track shoes aren’t even dry yet.”

How Degutis even played n and played well n on Saturday is pretty amazing. He had been up since 8 Friday morning since he stayed up that night and celebrated at Project Graduation with the rest of his teammates.

As soon as he got home n he didn’t even have time to take off his Project Grad bracelet n it was time to focus on the biggest game in the Wolverines’ four-year history.

Playing at PJCS didn’t even faze him.

“If there had been way more fans there, maybe,” Degutis said. “It felt like any other stadium. You don’t look up at the crowd or listen to them. You try to focus on the game, or at least I did.”

Degutis started on special teams and came up big in the fourth quarter, recovering a fumble for the defense’s fifth forced turnover.

He might have even scored, but he forgot about the differences in high school and NFL rules, one of which is that a player with the ball is not down until touched.

“I wish I would have gotten up and ran it back immediately. All I saw was a wall of my own guys,” Degutis said. “That’s something that I’ll learn.”

Johnson, who had to leave the field midgame in order to take care of a monetary problem with one of the event’s postgame musical acts, didn’t chastise Degutis for the mistake.

Instead, he praised him.

“That was good for him to come out his first game and actually do something instead of just getting on the field,” Johnson said.

During his senior year, Degutis really didn’t entertain thoughts of playing semi-pro ball. He was content to attend Jacksonville University in Florida and walking on.

That was until a family member showed him an ad for the Wolverines and told him to contact Johnson immediately.

Earlier in the spring, Degutis did just that and played well for a rookie in his first practice.

He also learned that players at this level hit.


Like makes-your-ribs-hurt-just-thinking-about-it hard.

While playing wide receiver, Degutis ran a slant route and as soon as he caught the ball, he was met by Craig Murphy, a 6-foot-2, 260-pound veteran linebacker.

“Oh man,” Johnson cringed. “He just folded him up.”

“I got hit and it hurt for two weeks,” Degutis said. “I never want to get hit like that and these guys are so big, it’s 10 times tougher than high school.”

The Wolverines need more young players like Degutis to survive.

And just because they’re young doesn’t mean they can’t be effective.

Former Elizabethtown stars Marquee Simpson and Dee Hardin both scored touchdowns Saturday.

Ex-North Hardin player Sean Craig gives the white-and-black attack versatility at receiver or cornerback.

Former John Hardin player Hornaval “Blue” Baptiste started at tailback.

“This bodes well for the future of the Wolverines,” Johnson said. “We’re not just a bunch of old guys trying to relive past glory days. We’re trying to build something.”

If the Wolverines can wrangle in a few more players like Degutis, then they better make sure their blueprints aren’t in permanent ink.

Nathaniel Bryan can be reached at 769-1200, Ext. 291 or at