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Flyers vs. Cougars

It's official the game is off. Something about finances or something, sounded like BS to me. We're trying to get a scrimmage with the Dayton Drive.

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good first showing for the MFL!!

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Now that's funny I don't care who you are.


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That is Typical, you know how it work's talk is cheap, and them boy's must be afraid of gettin murdered.

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it actually had a running countdown on their web site saying "flyers here we come in xxx amount of days"

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I heard all you need for membership in the MFL is a permission slip from your mom.


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It's obvious to me that the MFL's management (or lack tereof) is to blame. They had teams fold last year, this year won't be any different! It almost appears that they at least wanted to look like they had as many or more teams than the IFL, don't be out-done!!

No disrespect to the players, I hope you guys find a home and are able to play.

C'mon Mikey Gimpson or Matt Go-to-bat, where ya at?!

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This is why you dont play games with small Teams that think they are semi pro. If you say your going to play a game then man up and play. If you get you butt kicked then learn from it. Your Team Ownership Suck's. Hell we might pay for your gas....
Frazier 72

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Now I don't feel it is fare to judge an entire league for the actions of one team. I know a little about the MFL, because I have a ring from there. Maybe league commish needs to do some weeding out, but I think that there are teams in that league that would do just pretty well in the IFL. I am standing up for the MFL a little because my brother plays for the Dragons, and even though they are a new team it sounds like they are getting their stuff together. So good luck to all teams in the MFL and the IFL, and just make sure that if you commit to a game you show up. Even if you are going to get your butt creamed.
Brian Clawson
Fort Wayne Flyers

Re: Flyers vs. Cougars

I have a few thing to say on this if you all dont mind.

First i will say this.. The Cougars should of never took a game with a team as strong as the FLYERS.
But the Flyers should of known that the cougars have a bad track record & are known for skipin out on teams at the last second. What does it prove for the Flyers to beat the cougars? Nothing at all.
The Flyers are a good team that can give any team an ass whoopin if they dont bring there A game.

Here is my question.. how come no IFL team steped up to play the FLYERS???? I am an IFL guy, to me the IFL is the best league out there. So How come the Broncos the IFL champs or the Warriors wont play the flyers?

Its easy to poke fun at the MFL teams for no playing the flyers or the CANE'S, BUT how come no IFL has took on one of these two teams for this year. We all know that the MFL teams are not as good as the IFL teams its a given. So why do all these bigger teams want to play these smaller MFL teams?
I have alot of RESPECT for the flyers ORG. But please dont waste your time with MFL teams, You will get nothing out of it.

I want to see the IFL grow i see the great things this league can do so lets step it up and take on the bigger teams and show the midwest what the IFL is all about.

Now here is a problem you guys want to talk about teams folding in the MFL well teams fold all the time,
One of the best teams that i know folded the M.C. Chiefs. It is just the way some things go. This year
a team in the MLFA folded that league is a big league that is leaps and bounds past the MFL, so lets let that one go.

As for the MFL letting in any team that ask ..well i cant say that it did not look like that or that they tryed to out do the IFL. But the F.H. Bears are a good team that had a great year last year. Most think that they are to good for the MFL- I think so- I think they will win the MFL. The IFL would of let them in the League but they pulled out just like the Indy dragons..... Now i think the Dragons should of went to the IFL just like the bears but they played a soft card if you ask me and said they was not ready-
well i have seen the Pirates the Broncos & Generals practice from the IFL and i have seen the Bears, Titans and Dragons Practice and the Bears and Dragons would far just fine in the IFL. One thing i will say about the Pirates and Dragons is they both are very organized.

Well good luck to all the IFL & MFL TEAMS THIS YEAR.

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As a player in the IFL, I would say a good reason why an IFL team hasn't picked up this game for Sat. against the flyers is due to the fact some teams are just putting the pads on and some havn't yet. Another reason would be the league schedule will be a little longer and some teams already have pre-season commitments. It's good to be involved in pre-season, but not good to over do it with to many functions. With the MFL....I think you do have to blame the league somewhat, while the board could turn a shoulder and say they had nothing to do with it, in fact they do. The cougars are representing the MFL, that completely involves them. It might be different if this were the first time but like you said the cougars do not have a great track record and like it or not...this reflects upon that league. Is it not everyones goal to be class act and as proffessional as possible? I have respect for the scorpions due to they have played thier share of "outside" games and the patriots, i've played against them and they were class and sportive. This isn't meant to be smart ass, but if the MFL lives on...this seems to be a debate waiting to happen for years to come. For the players sake....i hope good things for you.

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Without EVEN engaging in discussions so many times undertaken in the past......

My regard for Zeb and his club is officially the lowest of any team in my memory. One has to feel very sorry for not only the teams that he suckers into scheduling the Cougars, but also the players that I am quite sure he takes equal advantage of.

Imagine, just for a moment, if someone ran any other kind of business or organization in the manner that he runs that team. It would not be long before he would be bankrupt, in court, or both. In a game full of "semi-professional" management, and in a league with a tarnished reputation- Zeb is something unique.

Zeb is an embarrassment not only to the Cougars, not only to the MFL, but to all of us who love this game and seek to make it better than what it is. One can only hope that the rising tide of integrity within the MFL will see fit to cut him and his sinking ship loose.

If I was just a little more mean spirited, I'd wish plague on his house.

What I will hope for instead is for progress- and as House of Pain once said so eloquently "for the cream of the crop to rise to the top" and that the team will be reformed from within and rise again as an organization of integrity, transparency and accountability. can always hope.

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i agree, im not sure why the cougars were scheduled to begin with, once a couple of us players saw that, we mentioned their track record to the coah, since alot of us played in the mfl with the xplosion we knew all about the cougars. as far as not wanting to play this early because not having the pads on for very long yet...thats just an excuse. their were quite a few ifl teams in the indoor tourney, who just threw the pads on and played. as far as zeb and the cougars go , i lost respect for them a couple years back when i was playing with the scorpions, and they didnt show up for the first round playoff game. if there ever was a game to show up for it would be a playoff game. all records out the window win or go home.....they just opted to stay home

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I believe some teams in the IFL were contacted to try and play us. In fact I am pretty sure that our coach tried to get a preseason game set up with the Broncos, but they opted not to, after I heard they were talking a lot of smack during the indoor tourney. Hmmm? Oh well, good luck to all out there. Stay healthy and stay safe on the roads.

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Lets not turn this into something it is not. The fact of the matter is that the idiot Zeb scheduled a game and backed out again. As far as my team stepping in that is stupid. If your team can be ready to play an opponent in a days notice then so be it. But my team can not. So do not try to drag my team into this when I am not the one who scheduled the game. The flyers should have known better. Plus I and my team have nothing to prove to anyone our goals are not to impress the rest of the country. Our goals are to win IFL games. I do feel the flyers pain. IFL reporter you are starting to annoy me with some of your comments. You have not been to any of my practices so you have no clue what my team is like so quit acting like you do.

Keith Maloy
DC Warriors Head Coach

Re: Flyers vs. Cougars

Sports Reporter the MC Chiefs did not fold get your facts straight!!!!!!!!

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I think IFL sports reporter forgot to change his name to MFL reporter before posting his last message. But we are use to incomplete and incompetent information from him anyways. Can you really call out any team for not taking on a preseason game on one weeks notice regardless if it’s the MFL/IFL/OVFL/CFL/NFL? Give me a break. If you have been to all of these practices then you would have noticed some of these teams haven’t even been in pads yet. Hell we have 30 guys at practice and 27 of them are receivers.

Three things I actually learned on this thread: Hemi actually knows what he is talking about, Coach Malloy is really good at being honest, and Zeb continues to tarnish the great game of SEMI-PRO Football. Now back to our route running.

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Just for the record...

Have you ever heard of teams "retiring a players jersey"? Well, simply put, that is what we did with the Chiefs.

Two guys, Kevin McClurg and Todd Myers started the team back in 1994. The GM for the team (for all practical purposes), Andy Drummond joined the team a couple of years after that. Todd played up to the 2000 season (I believe). He had his 2nd child on the way and his oldest was just beginning Little League. After having accomplished what he wanted (Championships) he moved on to spend more quality time with the fam.

Kevin and Andy continued on until 2003. Toward the end of the 2003 season, Andy and I talked about his "moving on". He asked what I wanted to do. We decided that "The Chiefs were done". At the last practice, Andy announced that to the team.

We had a giant banquet after the season. Chiefs from ALL of the years were invited back. Beef was in attendance as well as a "VERY SPECIAL GUEST" Supa himself. At the banquet, we announced that to honor the men that began the team and the accomplishments of the team, the name "Chiefs" would be retired. No team at least in the immediate future (save ignorance) could compete under the name "Chiefs" again.

"That's the fact... Jack!"


P.S. Don't anyone ask me who Supafan is. Special accomodations were made so that his "alter-ego" remained intact!

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Now then... "Just so ya know".

I am pretty much in agreement with first Supa.

Part of this subject has been much discussed. Especially just this past Winter on this here message board "ad nauseum".

Secondly, I agree with a lot that Beef has said. He takes this whole Zeb-thing personally as well he should. I think he was probably the very first person that was "bitten" by the Zeb-bug.

Also like Beef, all this talk about teams playing other folks might be good discussion for some AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE "MUDSLINGING" OUT OF IT!

Each team has the prerogative to run their organization as they see fit. Some folks like to play a pre-season games. Some folks like it a lot i.e. The Scorps. Then there are others like Beef and his squad that usually play one and perhaps 1 more at the most. Then, there are still other teams (that as several have mentioned) have not yet put the pads on. My team is one of those.

I have been running our pre-season activities like this since entering the fray in 1997. I don't believe that our schedule is any secret. We do Sundays in April. Saturdays in May and then commence with our regular practice schedule in June. The goal is to create an environment that does not completely "saturate" a players free time with football. Why? Because though I may live and breath it, the players have families and other responsibilities that they MUST do or things, hobbies, etc. that they would like to do. AND... this includes keepin' Momma happy. Without that, Momma can make a players life miserable. Eventually, that guy will not play long or possibly suffer a dissolved marriage.

Back in my playing days (I was just discussing this with DH80 the other day), the Anderson Packers would have the rookies commence practice in May. Then we would break at the end of May and take the month of June off. The entire team would then get back together in July.

Also as Beef mentioned, it is MY goal to prepare for the IFL season. I would like to do a preseason game but we are never ready when everyone else is scheduling games. We were trying to do one this year with the Dragons but things FOR US, were just not where we needed them to be to commit. AND for me, setting up a game and then backing out is NOT MY STYLE!

So, it does not matter to me what the critics say. I believe that I know how to put a team together and currently, we are not ready. Our roster is currently at around 35. Of those, I still don't know whether several of them will actually be around when July 22 comes around.

So that is the story on the Pirates.


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Everyone knows I do not defend Zeb or his actions. TE 88 knows were I stand with Zeb, but not the Cougars players or team. A team that does not show up for a playoff game is questionabe, however the Scorps did beat the Cougars 44 to 0 before the playoff game contributing to the no show. In that game I and torn up played two plays as corner (a little trivia). No catches on my side for the record. Wayne tell MAC5 he better watchout, lol. Center might play corner against the Pats, NOT.

Zeb has a bad record, but I have a great respect for the Cougars players!!!

No excuses for Zeb.

When I see him I will tell him he is a DUMB ASS!!!!!!

Scorpions #69

Re: Flyers vs. Cougars

I have to admit, I wondered why the flyers would schedule a game with the Cougars given the track record. I am not defending Zeb or his actions in the last two incidents.
However, Beef, did Zeb not call you last year BEFORE your scrimmage game to tell you that he could not line up a field? Hell, I have a fantastic home field and Great relationship with the school that hosts us. If I went to them and asked for a field to play on this early in the season, the answer would be "HEll NO, are you F'ing nuts?" Did you try to host that game, or were you just not going to take no for an answer? I ask that question because I have heard Zeb's side of the story and we have ALL read your side of it on here. Somwhere in between those sides is the truth.

Bill, Bill's brother,
Dude, SHUT THE F#@$ UP! Do you run a team, Hell, do you do anything with any team, or are you just a "concerned fan"? You obviously no nothing about trying to run a league, or a team for that matter, you probably can't even run a route. So stay out of what doesn't concern you.

As I said I am not defending Zeb, but I will defend MY league. A league that, like every other f'ing league out there, is here for one thing, to give guys like us the chance to play football! IFL, MFL, OVFL, GSFL, whatever, we all share a common ground, who gives a "Bill" about which league you are fortunate enough to play in.