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Well the Allen County Buckeyes called the West Ohio Wranglers on Thur. to see if they would have a scrimmage on Sat..Well it happen with some player miss. from the Wranglers they still went to war,The Buckeyes had about 25 to 30 guys and they did not think the Wranglers had a change out there.they play at M.L.K park where the mighty WARRIORS practice in Lima. The Buckeyes hit frist but was called back for a hold and after that the Wrangles took over,the Wranglers could do what ever that wanted to the Buckeyes D.but at the end of it all to me the score sould of been 18-0 Wranglers but it ended 7-0 Wranglers,the Wranglers had 2 more shot at the endzone but 1 was a fub.,and the other was a INT. But the Wranglers did good and we will see what they are real made of when they come to Lima May-10 at 7:00pm at ADA,to take on the Lima Warriors and good luck to all I.F.L. teams this yr.

Re: Wranglers/Buckeyes

Thanks for the score- this suggests to me that this will be an interesting season. One can ONLY imagine what it might be like if all of the teams in western Ohio got together to field one squad.

They'd be world beaters, I am here to tell you.