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Official Predictions for 6/10 (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Looks like only a few games this weekend, but they are good ones. Let's make sure that all of you post up your preseason games for next week early in the week. That will save me some time and ensure that your beloved posts (enough with the angry emails already, people) are available as expected on Friday morning.

Now let's get down to bidness.

Lima Warriors @ West Ohio Wranglers

I have every reason to expect that the Wranglers will be greatly improved over the last meeting with Lima to open the 2005 season. After a season in the IFL with a notable late season run and some solid talent, the Wranglers had outperformed the expectations of many- myself included. Here's the problem though: the Warriors got better in the off season, too. When the two teams scrimmaged about a month back, the Warriors spread the ball out on offense and substituted liberally on defense while cruising to a 30-0 win. Though they have their share of very talented players, the Wranglers have not had that option- nor will they on Saturday. I suspect strongly that the Warrior offense will drop more than 30 this time, but I can be almost certain that Parkins' defense will shut out the upstart Wranglers to start their sophomore campaign. Though painful now, facing the Warriors will only pay dividends down the line in the IFL season for the WOW.

Warriors 51
Wranglers 0

Fort Wayne Flyers @ Ohio Knights

These are two teams - each of whom defied my expectations in their opening games. The Flyers went on the road to play an impressive Thunder team and were barely turned away. The Knights on the other hand did not do as well as I had expected. It is clear that though both teams have plenty of talent, speed and quality management and coaching, the Flyers have better chemistry and are more comfortable playing with one another. If this is a low scoring game, the Knights will not have a prayer. Their only hope is to get into a shootout and ride Krishaun as far as he can run. My money, though, is on the tough Flyers defense to keep this one out of reach- even on the road.

Flyers 37
Knights 17

Evansville Vipers @ Missouri Wildcatz

The Vipers played a very good River City club last week and played inspired defense, but their offense looked much more like the late 2005 team than it did the unstoppable unit that started the season last year. This week, they will face an opponent not nearly as talented or deep as their last opponent. That said, the Wildcatz are not exactly a boobie squad from the old OVFL, either. If the Vipers hope to compete in their new role (which I expect they will) they must execute on offense and eliminate the mistakes on special teams. The Vipers should come away from the long road trip with a 'W', but they will also return with a realistic idea of the long road to dominance in their new league.

Vipers 18
Wildcatz 9

That's all I've got, kiddies. Make your mommas proud and be sure to post up scores and details when it is all said and done.

Re: Official Predictions for 6/10 (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Well stated Supa...I predicted the game to be 56-0 even without me n my bro suitin up! It'd be worse then tho! haha

Re: Official Predictions for 6/10 (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

THE Ohio Knights 16
Ft. Wayne Flyers 0

Re: Official Predictions for 6/10 (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).

Lima Warriors 68
West Ohio 0

Jermey Bott scores 4 touchdowns, Joe Butcher 2 and the defense holds the Wranglers to 7 yards total offense.

Re: Official Predictions for 6/10 (POST ALL SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW).


At the time of this post, I don't know what they are officially calling this. The score was:
Evansville Vipers 8
Missouri Wildcatz 6

The game was called with minutes left in the second quarter due to severe weather. I will post as soon as I know what the league is going to do here. The Wildcatz scored during the first series of the game when they picked up a Viper fumble and went to the house. The Vipers were lead in scoring on a TD run by Ray Everhart.