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SO it's monday and no football is being played except...Futbol, So I thought I would fill ya guys in on some info. Not only is the US playing in the Fifa World cup, Indiana is as well. Break it down a little more, Ft. Wayne is actually being represented. Break it down even more...South Side High School is represent'n. DaMarcus Beasley a midfielder for the US Team attended and and graduated from South Side High School, as did his older brother Jamar who played for the US national under-20 team and the USA'S 2004 FIFA Futsal World Championship Team. Not bad for a couple Indiana guys, Just a piece of info for ya fella's.

Re: Represent'n

Right on. Like the sport or not- the idea of playing among the best players in the world in front of 2 billion people is an achievement that should not go unnoticed.

I would love to see our boys make another great run. I will let you be the official FIFA reporter, Travis. Keep us in the loop.

Re: Represent'n

Well i'm not a huge soccer fan, and i'm definately no mullet wearing barry melrose of the hockey league, love that guy tho....However, It is a huge sports stage to be on and ineteresting. For ya'll that don't know, The US Team got thier butts SPANKED by the Czech's 3-0. The way I understand it is if you qualify you are guarenteed 3 games. Obviously the US team lost, in which they play Italy this saturday. It's a must win game for them however if they do lose then they must win thier 3rd game in which goals scored points then come into play. The coolest thing I see was that the Americans now have a huge fan base who travels with them....they call themselves
"Sams Army" get it?? Uncle Sam?? HA! anyways it's good to see US Soccer having fans chanting louder than an Irishman at a Pub drinking himself silly singing about his mermaid wifes none existent legs.