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Best wishes to everyone's teams and leagues

I wanted to take a minute and wish all teams who frequent this site healthy play and safe travels week in and week out.

I stop my team on occasion to remind them that it isn't just about one single thing with what we do. It is about the overall journey of it. I remind them to stop and take there time and enjoy everything we do (practice, fund raisers, etc...).

To me that is what makes this stuff fun. Win or lose if you had fun and maybe got to keep your body in shape a bit then you have succeded in what we do.

As Ferris Bueller said it "life moves by pretty fast". Enjoy it.

To the IFL,

I have already told my team this on several occasions. I am not trying to detract from them this year so I will say it here as well. This will be my last year as Head Coach/ or coach. If we are able to work ourselves back into another championship (and Tony Nasser convinces me of it) I will at least consider returning next year. Winning championships is fun, but I have other things in my life that I need to start focusing on so I don't "miss the journey on".

I am nobody special, and the only reason I began coaching was to pay back all the coaches who gave me the opprotunity to do this as a player. I think everyone who plays should pay back in some way. It is important to this level of ball. I do enjoy it, but I am sure all who coach know how draining it is on you emotionally to coach at this level. When my players start to get chippy or want to change the way we are coaching I always offer them to take there equipment off and start coaching on the spot.

The friends I have made in and around the state will never be forgotten.

Coach Hill taught me that one.