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Common sense? Responsibilities? What the F?

I want to personally post an apology to the Lafayette Lions.

One/ some of our fans apparently were boozing it up during the game on Saturday. They not only took it upon themselve to do this, but didn't even bother to dispose of there beer cans (and if they did, they did it in the trash cans around the field).

This is not acceptable. Period!

I have addressed my team on this subject and will do it 3 more times before we play the Generals again.

This is not acceptable to me/ this team/ and anyone who has any common sense at all.

I feel fairly certain that no one from my team would have been drinking in the parking lot. I hope that this wasn't our team. I will be checking into it.

This embarrasses our football team. We don't need it, we don't need alchohol or drugs at our games.

The quickest way to lose a football field (especially one as nice as the Lions) is to have a bunch of selfish fans drinking and smoking in the stands.

I have put my players on high alert. They are responsible for there fans (at home and road games). If they can't control there friends and family, then I will remove them from the team.

As I said, I want to apologize to the Lions and Laff. Jeff High School for this.