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Im not a BIG classic rock fan, but one of my writers gave me this..if you know the song its from..its pretty cool for QB's...

“Football Hero”
Ida’s Writah’s
(To the tune of Foreingner’s “Jukebox Hero”)

With his head hung low, standing still in the rain
Couldn’t get ticket, It was a sold out game

Heard the roar of the crowd, He could picture the play
Through a hole in the wall, and like the light of the day

He saw one long bomb, just blew him away
Saw stars in his eyes, and the very next day

Bought beat up pig skin, from play it again sports
Didn’t know how to throw it, but he knew for sure

That one old ball, felt good in his hands
Didn’t take long to understand
Just one old ball, slung far and well
Was one way ticket, to the N-F-L.

So he started Ballin, ain't never gonna stop
Gotta keep on ballin, someday gonna make it to the top

And be a football Hero
(Got stars in his eyes)
He’s football Hero
(Stars in his eyes)
He’s a football hero, He’ll come alive one night.