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PRE GAME THOUGHTS Warriors/Longhorns

In response to a pre-game interview with Head Coach of the Darke County Warriors, Keith Maloy.

REPORTER- "Coach, Congrats on last week's gritty win over the Generals. This week you play an undefeated Longhorns team on the road who is drooling at the chance at proving themselves.

What do you expect to see from them and do you tell your team anything different in a big game like this vs. any other contest?"

COACH - "Well the first thing I expect from them is a big dose of Amos Frye. He is one of the great players in this league. He is very versatile and quick. I also expect them to have a revamped passing game. I am very familiar with their new QB "Flutie" he played for Dane in Anderson for several years. I tell my team what I tell them every week and that is last week means nothing if we do not win this week. I have also told them that the Longhorns are on a roll and if they think it is the same team we played 2 years ago they are mistaken. "

REPORTER - "You end a murderous three game road trip that began your season this week. Do you feel something like this helps or actually can HURT a team as yours?"

COACH- "Well, I knew it was going to be tough when we agreed to move our first game to Anderson for the benefit game. But I also thought about how great it is going to be at the end of the year. We have 4 of the last 5 at home and our 1 away game is in Fort Recovery which is 20 miles from Greenville. I have learned alot from Dane in Anderson and 1 thing he has taught me is that you need to learn something new about your team in every game. I have been able to do this so far and I have seen what type of character we have because of this 3 game road trip. Our team travels very well and this was a great chance to prove that.

REPORTER - "Your teams O-line is, in a word, massive. And you have veterans like Chris Grote on it to keep it solidified, so your running game is one of the best. What other leaders (veterans or newer players) do you see feel have stepped up to attribute to your 2-0 start?"

COACH - "I am very lucky that I still have 5 members of the very first Rage team that I coached 8 years ago. These guys have been a vital part of the team for 8 seasons and they continue to be this year. Some names that come to mind are Tony Evans at Free Safety, Barry Paulus at Tight End and Dave Overla at Corner. But definately the strength of our team is the O-Line. We have Grote at Center 300 + LBS, Jaysen Knick at Guard 270 LBS, Derrick Brown at Tackle 340 LBS, Phil Lloyd at Guard 250 LBS and Brandon Stinson at Tackle 300 LBS. These guys are strong and very sound with their technique. Then you throw in a 250 LBS Brian Snyder at Fullback and you have a very solid running game. The other thing that has contributed to our 2-0 start is our defense. They swarm to the ball and are very physical. I have three very solid linebackers that all like to hit add that to 2 Defensive ends that can rush the passer and you have a very good front 7."

REPORTER - "OK, we were wondering here at the Korner which coach to ask this to, you win!

Semi pro ball--We don't make the big cash, we arent on TV and the girls do not line up to get in to see us play/coach this game.

SOOOOO--WHAT is it that brings you back to the sidelines year after year, other than the successfull feeling you have earned over the years?

COACH - "The main thing that brings me back every year is the opportunitty to make friends that can last a lifetime. In a lifetime a man is lucky if he can get 6 or 7 people that he can call a true friend I mean a friend that will stand by you no matter what, a friend that would jump in front of a bullet for you. These friends are rare and hard to come across. But because I coach semi pro football and have had the chance to coach a lot of men over the years I can honestly say that I have more friends like this then I can count. There is something about going into the football battle with a group of guys that brings you closer than normal. I can also honestly say that I am that type of friend to several men. The relationships are what I cherish the most. Sometimes I do not understand how these guys will take a brow beating from me but then turn around and defend me until they are blue in the face to someone who does not understand. I had a player one time that I yelled at on the sidelines and after the game his mom came up to him and told him she could not believe that he would take that type of abuse from me and he just told her you do not understand. The relationships are what semi pro football is about. Wins and losses come and go but friends like these last a lifetime."

Thanks for the interview and keep up the good work
Keith Maloy
Head Coach Darke County Warriors

We at the Korner would like to thank coach Maloy for his time and candor.

We will have our eye on this game, as we here feel it is going to be one of the best. Watch for the post game after this one as well. Beef's Boyz are gonna bring it- We'll see if the Horns are for real - for real.

Well another week is upon us, those mid week caterpillars in your stomach have now turned to pre game butterflies, and week three has a way of separatin boys/men.

Which side will your squad be on come Sunday?

Ida said it!