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The land of make believe

I am writing thid in response to "Sofa King Ready"
I'm not really sure where the following comments are coming from.
"I truly believe this could happen if it were up to the teams involved. It seems to me that there is a lot of campaining and coersing by the MFL that goes on behind the scenes. This is probably why teams that have verbally committed to the IFL in the past have backed out. Not sure what they're being promised or what they're being told but it seems to me this is most likely what has happened. That is just me opinion though..."


Which teams are you talking about that "verbally committed" to the IFL? If you are reffering to the Dragons, then please know your facts. The Dragons were looking for a league to play in last year, they had contacted both the IFL and MFL, maybe even others. The team ownership weighed their options and made what, I'm sure they truly believed, was the best decision for their team. MFL League leadership made no special effort, campaigning, or coersion, as you put it to draw a team away from the IFL. To the best of my knowledge, we have never done this in the past and I really don't think we plan to start doing it anytime in the future. Each team is absolutely free to explore other alternatives, and pursue them if they feel it is the right thing to do for their organization.
Some call the MFL "secretive" because we do not tend to have many players or owners post on this message board. That is perfectly fine with us. Outside of a select few members, there really isn't that much from any other league on here either. Just some individuals posting anonymously, usually trying to start $hit about things that they don't know or don't understand. I haven't read too many posts from the IFL leadership announcing to the world what their league is doing and what is being done "behind the scenes." I don't know that anyone outside of their group needs to know the details of how their league is run. Does anyone call them "secretive"
If you want to post your "opinions" or try to bash a team or a league, at least try to get your facts straight and have at least some knowledge and understanding of your subject matter.

Now, I'm off my horse, I would love to see two leagues join together once more. I really enjoyed playing the different teams, and believe the competition level would improve greatly. For this to happen however, would take a lot of work to say the least. This "Jamboree" could be a huge stepping stone on making this happen.
How many team owners would be big enough to put the B.S. aside, pool the resources, and make something great happen?[:-?
Let us hear from you!