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NFL PLayoffs

All right fellas take you pics!!! place your scores and a brief summary of your choices.

Baltimore 24 Vs. Indianapolis 20
Too much D for Colts O, Ravens match up great in man 2 man and will blitz all day!

N.O. 31 Vs. Philly 23
A lot of weapon on offense for Saints and Sean Peyton comes up with something on D.

Chicago 17 Vs. Seattle 13
The Bears stomped when grossman was hot but now hes not, Seattle doesn't impress me though.

San Diego 27 Vs. New England 13
San Diego has a player on both sides of the ball that no one wants to face in Merriman (AKA Steroid Monkey) and L.T.. gotta go with my hometown team on this one.


N.O. 24 Vs. Chicago 13
It's just going to be one of those days for Rex.

Baltimore 17 Vs. San Diego 14
Baltimore is the only team that can make my Chargers 1 demensional and Rivers cannot deliver in this one.


Baltimore 28 Vs. N.O. 23
It's been a good run for N.O. and making it this far for that city is very impressive. but too much Ravens D