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Da game

So, is this a once in a lifetime oppurtunity or what? I mean it is possible that the Colts could play the bears in a game again but you never know. Sorry Bears fans but I love my Colts and you can't argue that they deserve this. Dungy is known but he's not respected like he should be. It seemed like no matter if we were undefeated or what it always seemed like we were flying under the radar of people in football amidst the T.O. stories, the Michael vick stories you name it. Dungy and Org. has quietly put this team together and very carefully put this together. You rarely hear of players getting in trouble, players lashing out you hardly see players giving interviews, unless you watch the colts postgame show. Ask me how many times i've heard a team mention god or giving praise after a football game.....Not many. I don't mean to bring religion up on all you guys, but you didn't hear the typical cocky slang after beating someone. Just about every player interviewed mention god, and not in the most common way but in a serious religious way. No profanity, just a class act that all of Indiana should be proud of...I have never seen a team like this and you may never again. You can definately say the Colts are a Professional football team, in pro seems a lot of people have forgotten the meaning of that.