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i am havinf ribeye stak today for lunch but cant find it in the point finder book..i found steak but not ribeye....does anyone know how many points this is...for a four ounce...and another thing what if i eat banana puddin how am i suppose to count the things that has everythin already mixed...broccolli and chesse....how do i measure the cheese bein it is melted and it is what goes with the amount of brocolli...i know i probably aint makin sense but its the only way i know how to describe what im talkin bout...but anyhow...lookin foward to continueing with ww...just need a lil help here...thanks

Re: question

Count the steak as you would any other piece of beef, you can measure with the palm of your hand, and remember its the thickness of a deck of cards. 4 oz and your safe.

THe banana pudding if you made it yourself, count the banana as 1 point if your using ff sf pudding, thats 1 point per serving..

if the broccoli and chesse is already pkged, go to the nutrition label on the pkg,,

if your still in doubt I wouldn't use it, until you can talk to your WW leader.