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I read in the WW comp. food list that Nature's Own Whitewheat bread is 0 points. I went to the store last night and added all the nut. facts up and my cal. gave me a total of 2 points.
Which points value do you go by? The one in the comp. food list or the one from the facts on the bread?

Any thoughts?

Re: Bread

to get the correct point value just go by the facts

fiber, calories, and fat....

I was told in WW a long time ago, there is nothing thats a 0 point if its half a point, go up to the rounded number, the same with fat content, if its 1.5 round it off to 2.

so if you think something is 0 be safe and count it as 1 point...

Re: Bread


Thanks Tobe!

The bread that I bought is 1 point for 2 slices.
Which I think is pretty darn good, and I'm guessing probably the best I'm going to find.

Re: Bread

vanessa, where did you find that bread at...what store?

Re: Bread

I use the low carb bread, healthy life syle. 2 slices = 1 pt.

Re: Bread


I bought my bread at WM Neighborhood Market (which is WM grocery store).

It's Nature's Own Honey Wheat LIGHT 40 calories per slice. I made a sandwich with it yesterday for lunch and it's YUMMY!
I was using Sara Lee's whole wheat 2 slices = 2 points and was just OK with the taste, but the Nat. Own is REALLY good. I'm glad I picked it up when I saw it, and it's only 1 POINT!

Re: Bread

Thanks for the suggestion on the bread. I bought some today and its great. Much better than the brand I was using.

Re: Bread

I use Sara Lee "Delightful". It's 1 pt. for 2 slices for both white and wheat. I've tried lots of diet bread and this is by far my favorite. I'm not a huge bread eater though so most of it goes to waste.