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my first day on ww.....

welp the day has been pretty good for the first part...i was not to happy how i spent my points...i take care of a elderly lady...and her husband fixed breakfast and had it ready by the time i got there...so i didnt wanna be rude so i ate what he had fixed...which the egg wasnt bad nor the wheat bread...but boy the bacon is where the points came in... and i still feeled hungry but didnt wanna eat no more of my points up....so tomorrow i hope will go better...i just ate supper and used all but 1 point...but i still feel hungry...is that normal...i am allowed 28 points daily...ive drunk my water for the day and ate my veggies...can yall help on foods that are low in points but filling...and just because i know i only have one point it makes me wanna pig out because i do feel hungry...but not knowin how much of that feelin is hunger and how much is mind...i know i get thirty five extra points a week...but i wanna try to get by with out useing them...so ladys please help if u can with some ideas...thanks

Re: my first day on ww.....

This is my 2nd week, lost 2 pds. yeah.... I love bread, buy the low carb bread and there is one for 2 slices= 1 pts. Try oatmeal, high fiber ones. I use the lean beef and make hamburgers and put fat free cheese and my low carb bread, 6pts. Then I use one potato and peel and cut into cubes. Mix little flour and parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, lemon pepper. Put potatoes in it to coat them then put them on baking sheet and bake till soft. Theres your fries for about 1 more pts. Hamburger and potatoes=7/8 pts.
Pork chop on your two slices of bread toated with A-1 sauce, filling and not many pts. Morning star corn dogs good to. Turkey hot dogs, not bad at all, and 1 pt. each, with one slice of bread. = 1 pts. Good luck

Re: my first day on ww.....

i always find myself in your situation! starvin still and not enough points to do anything with! I think this is correct, cuz i did ask my ww leader but broccoli and cauliflower are 0 points, for as much as you want...(I think as much as you want) so if i wasnt satisfied after my meals, i would steam up some broccoli and cauliflower. then i would add like 1 tbsp of reduced fat parmesan cheese (if i remember right that is 0 points, only for the 1 tbsp tho! check label to be sure) and i like spicy food so I would also put some pepper sauce (its trappeys lil banana peppers in vinegar) on it and that is like my fave thing to eat when low on points...I am glad to hear that you actually started ww! im sure the way you are dedicated to working out you will def start to lose more now! this will allow you to see your caloric intake and you will know for sure you have had to much food... good luck can't weight to see how well you will do next week!

Re: my first day on ww.....

the 35 extra points are there to use... use them.

You can pull 5 pts a day for the 7 days or else use all 35 if your going to a big affair with alot of food there..

I find for myself when I use the extra flex points during the week Ihave a better weight loss...

Theres also the core plan which works well too, and still you get the 35 extra flex pts to use there also.

Some weeks I do flex and when I get bored, or my weight stays the same, I boost my body with Core, and then have a great loss..