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hey aimee

aint u the one who said somethin about a belly dancing video..that is great exercise?well if u was i was wonderin if u sell them...and if u dont do u know the cost and where i can get them...thanks...

Re: hey aimee

Hi Nae,
I don't sell them, but I'm pretty sure I got mine at www.collagevideo.com


Re: hey aimee

I ordered my belly danicing dvd from target is was around $15.00, and boy do you get a good work out, you will move every muscle you have some you didn't even know you had LOL :) good luck. Aimee thanks for the great website, everyone here is such a good inspiration to me. I know we can all lose this weight together.

Re: hey aimee

You know, now that you mentioned Target, I think I may have gotten my Belly Dancing DVDs from Target (at the store).