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well today on ww

well i did pretty good with my points today..didnt go over..i try not to use any of them 35 extras..simply because this is my first week and i am really lookin for a result come tuesday...last night i went three over but snacked healthy....and yes i am the same nae and renee...just use two different computes..anyways have a good night ladies...oh does anyone know of a pretty reasonable place to stay for a week in the smokies?me hubby and 7 kids are goin in june but everythin ive looked at on the wb has been really high...i need a kitchen and tv...the cabins have been pretty high...so if yall know of anythin let me know thanks

Re: well today on ww

Nae, please use those extra 35 points. Or if 35 feels like too many, try for 25 or 30. It IS possible to eat too little, and that's not good. You WILL still see good results on Tuesday. Have fun!


Re: well today on ww

I agree with Angie use the points, they're there for a reason..

When I don't use them, i have a bad weigh in and when i use some of them the scale seems to move in my favor...

I sometimes use all 35 but I use at least 10 to 15..
some days I'm more hungrier than others...

Re: Re: well today on ww

The extra 35 points ARE there for a reason.
They are there for you to enjoy any extras that you might want for special occasions that we all seem to have especially on weekends.

If we do not use them then we teach our bodies to hoard the food cals we HAVE eaten for a rainey day when we may not have food. You KNOW the old cave man theory. It is true because all cells have memory. And our bodies have learned that it is feast or famine and so we MUST hoard. Yet if we eat more we can afford to expend the calories instead of hoard them. That helps us to loose wt. Soinstead of feast overpoints or famine underpoints, we should eat what we need: our daily points PLUS our extra 35 Weekly points.

I choose to eat mine a little bit extra perday, unless I have a special occasion like a weddingcoming up. Then I save them for that special day.

When I first began the program I felt it was too much food too many points, I could not get it all in. Why? because while I ate a lot in one sitting I did not eat all day from 7 am until 11 pm! Then when I got home at 11 pm I would sit infront of theTV and munch on whatever was around:usually high fat high sugar foods. Then go to bed!
So here I was eating 3 to 5 times a day just to get in all the points. But I was loosing!!!
Soon after about 3 weeks, I began to notice I get hungry now when I have not had a few points every 2 to 4 hours. I found out this is what my doctor has been telling me to do for years. And diabetics ( I am a pre-diabetic) have to each smaller and more meals thoughout the day.
Now I ask what can I eat, Iwant more! What can I have with no or 1 or 2 max points!
This is why I choose to add about 5 points per day to my daily flex points.7 x 5 = 35 points exta per week.

So eat your extra points! You WILL loose wt.