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does any body have....

does anybody have any good low point recipes for sweets?i dont wanna feel like i have to stick with one thing to not go over board with my points...so gals if ya have anythin u would like to share...i would reall appeciate it...thxs

Re: does any body have....

Poor Man's Turtles are 1 point each and the recipe is on this site.
Hostess 100 Calorie packs of the chocolate cupcakes are a high 1 point for all 3 of the mini cupcakes.
There are Healthy Choice fudgesicles for 1 point each at Costco and they taste really good.
Klondike Slim-A-Bear no sugar added ice cream sandwiches for 2 points, also Skinny cow ic sandwiches (but they don't taste as good as Slim-A-Bear IMO.)
Lots of 2 point ice creams out there for 1/2 cup.
Just make sure that your sweet "treat" doesn't turn into a "red light" food.